The Wedding Agency - Coachella Chic Wedding

Easily one of the funnest and most wonderful wedding videos we've seen in recent months, we definitely applaud John Marvi de Guzman (Cinemaworks) for really capturing the "Circus of Love" that is JP and Loni! 

Loni's entry for the Wedding Agency Bonanza: 

"Why do we need the Wedding Agency? Because every girl needs a fairy godmother to make her dreams come true. But my kind of fairy godmothers are sophisticated, confident rock stars who enjoy living their lives out of the box rather than in it -- enter Rebellious Brides. Why do we need the help of the Wedding Agency? Because JP and I are bursting with outrageous ideas and we need someone to keep us in check and assure us that we're not going cuckoo! :-P Cheers to originality and nonconformity ... and to happily ever after! :-) XOXO!" 

Every Wedding Agency client is unique and have varying reasons for seeking our help. While some would go to us so they could get ideas from scratch, there are also some who have so many ideas that they need help keeping their focus. When JP & Loni asked for our help in streamlining their wedding ideas, Loni had a slew of picture folders of the things she wanted. And boy there were a lot! Haha! A lot of brides (myself included) definitely have a lot of pegs during their wedding preps--that's what makes the planning part fun after all! But how to actually tie everything together and how to visualize your own wedding can be a little difficult.

The theme itself actually already came from JP & Loni. And the minute they said "Coachella Chic", we knew this couple was going to be open to a lot of cool things. But how cool and how far would they be willing to go? That was our question. When we presented the Ferris Wheel idea, we didn't know how they would react. And when they seemed to really gravitate towards it, we were ecstatic. 

Here are some of the boards we created for JP & Loni's Walkthrough:

Photo by Cherryblocks

A beautiful couple inside and out, JP & Loni are such joys to work with! Mica and I are truly honored to have worked with you guys :)


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