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Hello rebels! RB Kai here! And I'm still in Portland having my vacation. Between wine tastings, sightseeing, and shopping (oh this is the life!!!), I'm definitely squeezing in some editorial shoots for the love of Rebellious Brides!

<Photography by Cy & Kai Cruz--yes! Me and my hubby! Hashtag no filter!>

Before I left for my trip, we partnered with the Cecilio Abad Design Team through the fabulous hands of Vidal Clayton to create bridal gown fantasies that I can shoot in Portland. And one of the reasons why I personally wanted to do a shoot while I'm traveling is because I'd like to show how world-class our Filipino wedding artists are.

I'm featuring one of the gowns today but lest you think that we are just about to share with you some posed shots of the gown, we thought we'd do it "rebelliously" (is there any other way?!?), by actually creating a complete wedding concept around the gown. And I don't really want to explain the concept because I'd like the photos to speak for itself. I do want to point out though that for this shoot I wanted to aim for a bridal style that is both fashionable but approachable. Fancy, but oh so wearable. Pretty and whimsical but also very simple in execution. So here it goes! Welcome to Portland!


Bridal Style Tips from this Shoot:

1. Having a tight budget doesn't mean scrimping on the essentials. Is a fab gown, fab shoes, and photography important to you? It's all about combining big investments with cool affordable details. That's what we were going for in this shoot.

2. If your gown is already heavily beaded and colored, keep the styling to a minimum. A simple bouquet, maybe some aviator shades, simple but statement jewelry pieces will do. Quirky headbands are optional--just use it for fun photo ops and not necessarily for the actual ceremony. We got our bouquets from Trader Joe's all for just under $20! We got our headbands from H&M--Both for just under $10! The aviators were on sale at J.Crew for $15!

Oh and let's not forget...

Thor's bowtie was from New Seasons at $5.99!

3. Other ideas from this shoot:

- How about doing preps at home? Chill & relax, have a cup of coffee (or wine!) and have some me-time before the crazy wedding preps begin.

- We are forever advocates of "anti-reception" so we did a scene of the bride grubbing on pizza. And why not??? Look how BEAUTIFUL our shoot location is with the old structure, the wild vines growing on the walls--no amount of styling can ever replicate lived-in locations. Truth be told, I've always dreamed of having a renewal in this very building and in this very pizza parlor that we chose for this shoot!


This shoot was a family effort! My husband and I did the photography, I styled the shoot, my mother-in-law did hair, and the beautiful model is Rebellious Bride Courtney who is my husband's cousin. The cute puppy who sure knows how to "werk" it is Thor--Courtney's baby. Some good 'ol moral support was also done by my brother-in-law Darien and our uncle, Tito Arnold, Courtney's dad.

Other Credits:
Gown: Vidal Clayton, Cecilio Abad Design Team
Makeup by the bride/model
On Location: Eco Trust Building & Hot Lips Pizza, Pearl District, Downtown Portland
Jewelry: Tanzanite Ring by Cuenca Jewelry

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