15 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Geometric Details

Geometric weddings have been all the rage in the past few years.  It is the perfect aesthetic for couples who prefer a more modern and contemporary design. Symmetry, interesting shapes, and clean lines are fun to add in a wedding because it creates some sort of balance between feminine and masculine details. And this being a popular theme, Pinterest-worthy pegs are already looking the same. How many times have you seen a geometric-shaped jewelry box with flowers inside it?

Here are 15 unique ways to incorporate the geometric feel in your wedding in more ways than one.

1. This invitation suite from www.minted.com has a textured 3-D feel and uses bold colors that aren't typically used in a wedding invite.

2. Team MangoRed photographed this editorial-worthy wedding flat lay that mixed some geometric pieces with the other elements of the wedding (IG: @mangored_studios)

3. Michelle Bablo and Ashley Chamblin (Instagram: @michellebablo x @ashleymchamblin) used a geometric backdrop for the couple's photo wall and the contrast with the brick wall was just pure awesome

4. Tippingpoint Collective created this crazy geometric installations for their wedding photo shoot  (IG: @tippingpointcollective)

5. Honey Crumb Cakes (@honeycrumbcakes) created this insanely unique modern copper-hammered cake. It almost looks like a work of art!  / Photo by @simplytamaranicole

6. Remember the "typical geometric jewelry box with flowers" remark that we said earlier? Well stylist Gideon Hermosa (@gideonhermosa) re-invented the concept and made it into a flower bouquet bag with a ribbon handle for the wrist.

7, Team Mangored (mangored_studios) photographed this gorgeous gown with the most interesting details we've ever seen!  

(Sorry we didn't catch who made the gown. Please comment on this post if you know who the brilliant designer is!)

8. Etsy Store @modlode created these bold decorations that are definitely great to add on your wedding day

9. Gideon Hermosa (@gideonhermosa) veered away from the usual minimalistic appeal of a geometric theme and created drama and volume with it instead!

10. Photographers Quirky Creatives usually adds fun graphics when they create the wedding album for their couples. Who would have thought that you didn't actually needed to have the geometric elements on the day of the wedding because it can be added in post? (IG: @quirkycreatives)

11. Whipped Bakeshop (@whippedbakeshop) created these fun and colorful geometric cookies that can form different shapes. 

12. Couples Jason and Nikki are both architectures and showcased their eye for symmetry during their engagement session with Metrophoto (mymetrophoto)

13. And during their wedding, Nikki opted for this truly one-of-a-kind geometric triangle bouquet! 

14. Jeweler  Atelier 818  (@atelier818jewelry) created this functional white gold earrings with geomtric designs decked with diamonds and interchangeable gems. 

15. Gideon Hermosa (@gideonhermosa) mixed rustic with modern in this wooden geometric ceremonial arc

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