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We played dress up with Bottega Bellance and RB Mica got to try-on some amazing creations from Vera Wang and Cary Santiago. 

Do you want to wear a Vera Wang or a Cary Santiago gown on your wedding day but you have no time to have your own gown made? Or did you wear your own bespoke gown on your wedding day, and want to have it rented out, so that other brides can share the same euphoria that you experienced when you walked down the aisle wearing your gown? Bridal Rental service, Bottega Bellance specializes in curating the most high-end bridal gowns you could ever dream of, and that's what sets them apart from other rental services who don't have the same collection.

Some brides (or even relatives and friends) might find the concept of renting a bridal gown quite gauche. But it is a practical decision that may be a fit for other brides. These rebel brides may be those who: a) may not have the time to buy a gown or have one made, b) brides who prefer to prioritize the budget for other wedding elements, or c) girls who simply don't find investing in a gown you are only going to wear for one day, to be a sensible idea. To each her own. 

 The Vera Wang gown featured in this set, has a pink top (which we LOVE), and can be rented out for only P15,000 (a new one will cost you P70,000).

While the Cary Santiago stunner, is a two-in-one serpentine gown that you can rent for P40,000 (a Santiago gown will cost you P350,000).

All rentals are inclusive of a veil, pillow, and cord so that's a pretty amazing deal.

So what do you think, ladies? Does renting a gown sound like a good idea? Which gown fits your personality more? The pink Vera Wang or the Cary Santiago one?

Postscript: We paired the Cary Santiago gown with a convertible Rosa stud/danglers, made with brilliant cut diamonds and 14 white gold. 


Makeup and Modeling by: The Makeup of Mica
Fine Jewelry by: Atelier 818
Gown rental via Bottega Bellance:
On Location: Hotel 1925, Lipa City 

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