Nuptial Spectacles: Should You Wear Your Glasses On Your Wedding Day?

Brides have a lot to think about on the big day. Especially when it comes to their appearance. They’re acutely aware that all eyes in the room will be on them, and that their image will adorn not just their own wedding snaps but the ones that their friends and relatives will take home with them, share online and look over for years to come. As such, they want to walk down the aisle as the very best version of themselves. Every bride wants to assemble a look that is both becoming of the occasion and true to who she is as a person. She wants to feel beautiful and perhaps more importantly she wants to feel like herself.

 Image by Scott Webb via Pixabay

As such, brides who usually wear glasses may agonize over whether or not to wear them on her big day. After all, the glasses would be one more element to mix into an already potentially unstable visual cocktail. They’ll impact on everything from her hair and makeup to her veil or tiara. While the decision is ultimately yours, here are some reason why you may choose to keep your glasses for your big day…

Capture every detail 

The right glasses can complete an outfit. But let’s be honest, none of us wears them as a fashion statement. We wear glasses because we need to improve our vision. And whether they subtly enhance your vision or you’re practically Velma-level blind without them, you want to be able to capture every single detail of your big day in your memory. You want to be able to see everything from the subtle swirls in your cake to the intricate beauty of the flowers in your bridal bouquet. You’ll want to capture and savour everything, because the day will go by in a flash! 

It’s a great excuse to go shopping! 

Of course, every wedding has a budget. But you deserve to spoil yourself with a brand new pair of gorgeous glasses that will complement your bridal aesthetic. Some stylish and elegant Tom Ford glasses might be just the little detail that your bridal ensemble was missing. And the great thing is that, unlike your other accoutrements, you’ll be able to keep on wearing them long after you’ve said your “I do”s.

Feel comfortable 

Every bride wants to look beautiful. But your big day is a lot to put your body through. All that standing, sitting, dancing, hugging, kissing, eating, drinking and being photographed so many times you’ll feel like a Hollywood starlet on a nudist beach is a lot to go through in one day. As such, you’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable on your wedding day. And that goes beyond finding the perfect pair of shoes. Going without your glasses all day can cause eye strain which can lead to headaches and fatigue. Hardly the perfect bridal accessories.

Look like you 

Finally, if everyone in your circle knows (and loves) you in your glasses, you may not really look or feel like yourself without them. They’ve become a part of who you are. Wear them with pride on your beautiful face!

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