Goin' To The Chapel...But How?

One of the most stressful and exciting things that you can plan for in life is your wedding day. It’s a big day, a day of commitment and happiness and love - and we need more of that in life. The problem is that sometimes, you want to go a little out of the ordinary for your wedding day and it doesn't always sit well with everyone in your life! There is nothing wrong with being a little unique with your wedding plan; this is YOUR day, right? 

 There are so many details that you have to consider with your wedding. You have to pick the rings, and choose the flowers and settle on a colour theme - there are a lot of details. One that you shouldn't forget, is how you plan to get there. Your wedding can be prettily planned out on paper but if you have no plan as to how you want to get to the church or the venue for the reception, you’re going to have a lot of dressy people with no place to go. So, let’s check out some of the best ways you can plan to get to your big moment! 

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It probably never occurred to you to bike to your wedding day, but if you’re a vintage bride, a vintage bicycle is the way to go. You can use a beautifully decorated bicycle as part of your wedding pictures, and if you want to be truly cutesy, why not go for a tandem bicycle? You and your new husband can cycle to your venue from the church and have a really fun time doing it. Just to say, this is far better for those with short wedding dresses instead of long ones!


Pop on a pair of bridal Converse or other trainers and walk your way to your venue. This is all going to be dependent on the weather conditions and whether your walk is picturesque or whether it's along a highway. Don't walk where there are muddy puddles, either. Get your photographer to go with you and they can snap some candids of you and your bridesmaids out for a stroll! 


You might love the idea of a vintage wedding bus. They’re a fun way to arrive, and they’re an even more fun way to get all the guests to the wedding meal. You can all arrive together, and you can decorate the bus, too!


The traditional ways never die, especially when you have companies like https://www.perthclassiccharters.com.au/

by your side to help. Vintage cars and even the more modern ones are a fun way to arrive together with your wedding party at your venue and the church. Think of the season in which your wedding is going to be held, and choose a car to match. Sporty, top-down cars are great for summer photos, but may not be good for your updo!


Are you a princess bride? If so, you’ll love the Cinderella fairytale of a horse-drawn carriage. You can hire one to have an enclosed carriage, too, and that will really embody that fairytale vision in your head.


The brave and the bold will love to arrive at the wedding by helicopter, and you can, too. It’s the chicest way to make a wedding entrance, but it’s a pain if you have a big wedding dress.


If you’ve ever seen those motorised tuk-tuks while you’re abroad, why not choose a rickshaw to take you to your wedding venue? You will literally turn heads on your wedding day, and isn’t that what it’s all about? You need to have your wedding stand out from the crowd, and this is one way to do it! 


If you are tying the knot abroad, why not use a watery vessel to get you from your villa to your wedding ceremony? It’s a cute way to do something a little different on the day, and if your family flies out to see you they’ll be able to watch your smooth entrance, too! 


For a fast entrance and a country house or hotel venue, you could sleepover and simply make your way downstairs the morning of your wedding! It’s a quick way to get there, and you can guarantee you’ll never be late! 

There are many other ways that you can go to your wedding, but these are the world favourites that everyone looks into before they make their vows. Choose yours, and don’t forget to book it in advance.

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