Our First Rebellious Letter

In just about two days of "releasing" our rebellious blog into the world wide web, the response we've received has been overwhelming. Some of the truly goosebumps-worthy experiences Mica and I have had so far, include: awesome wedding vendors we respect and admire giving us the thumbs up sign, rebellious brides contributing their own rebellious weddings, re-tweets and re-posts from friends who are recommending our blog, and awesome emails and private messages we've received from rebellious brides telling us that they appreciate what we've started. "Someday, I want to be a Rebellious Bride", is just one of the many private messages I've received in my own Facebook account too! -- which gives us the inspiration to pursue this rebellious cause forever.

One of the coolest emails we've received this week is from rebellious bride-to-be Aileen. Here are some snippets from her email:

I think that doing this (Kai's note: Aileen is referring to our blog), is a really great way to finally set a trend where bride and groom to be(s) show who they are, no matter what the world says. After all, this is the age where individuality and uniqueness has become a necessity. I am sending this because I share the sentiment and tililing :p

Armie Aileen, Dennis.== a.k.a== Wabu
I am a bride to be, December 2012. I define myself as a rebellious bride too as I do not wish to conform to the norms of wedding these days.

Our engagement happened like any business day in the office. Decided on a date and church, made the call, deposited the amount for downpayment and... Yahoo! Ikakasal na kami. That was the initial step we took for this journey I call, “Stress now sa suppliers and eklavu, Smile sa Camera sa araw ng Kasal”.

My Theme: Still Tentative. I have been a fan of Lady Diana, Sex and the City....

P.S.First thing Fiancee and I mentioned with our Official Photographer, Dominic is NO WACKY POSES. We are also bracing ourselves for our Politician-s Parents (taken from Gina Pareno’s Character from Idol Juday’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo). So, Good Luck to our total number of invited guests. (Email from Aileen dela Cruz)

In honor of this very first Rebellious Letter that Mica and I received, we are giving her our personal messages and our very own suggestions for one of the themes that she is considering.



You are one true rebel bride! We also look forward to hear more about your wedding plans and to feature your wedding :) Let me know what you come up with and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Congratulations to you and Dennis and may bride to be(s) like you be many! Atapang ababae! Apir! -- MICA

Dear Aileen,

Here's what I can advice to you, from one rebellious bride with "martial law-ish" parents to another: STICK TO YOUR GUNS AND PRETEND TO BE DEAF. EXTRA Guests of the parents, should be PAID FOR, BY THE PARENTS. Agree to it, ONLY if they contribute in paying for any extra surcharges you might incur. If they don't, then tell them, that you are on a tight budget so you simply cannot accommodate. If you don't hear the end of it, then again, PRETEND TO BE DEAF. -- Kai :)


Aileen is still in the early stages of conceptualizing and finalizing her theme. She is torn between a royal theme or a Sex and the City theme, plus incorporating plush toys as decors somewhere in the mix. While all these ideas are totally awesome, we will focus our attention to just one theme only (at least for our suggestions to the bride), which we'd like to call: Totally Sex and the City. And although this theme is girly and might come across as expensive and flashy, here are some ideas that can be executed without breaking the bank and ideas that can balance out the girlyness of the theme. So here goes!


The Bride

For the Bride, there's nothing more Sex and the City than channeling Carrie Bradshaw -- wear an over-the-top bridal gown, and instead of a bouquet, create a fashion statement like that of the peacock head piece she wore in the movie (it doesn't have to be the same exact head piece so long as it's a fashion statement), of course a Carrie Bradshaw look is never without a pair of fabulous shoes so whether you want to splurge on a pair of Manolos or you want to go local with equally fabulous brands like Janylyn, it doesn't really matter as long as you can rock the "Carrie look". And finally, finish your ensemble with a nostalgic necklace that spells out either your name or your fiance's name.

Re-create the girls' outfits with H&M dresses instead!
The Girls

Aileen emailed us something about not wanting to have a central color motif--which is perfect for a Sex and the City theme because this show is all about individual style as seen in the four girls.

Have the entourage wear the colors that represent "Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte" -- you don't even have to have gowns made! Just buy awesome outfits from the likes of H&M and you are good to go! Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte are also not the type who would carry a bouquet (maybe Charlotte but Samantha and Miranda might give you a dirty look) -- instead of bouquets, have your girls wear a flower head piece or a flower brooch -- this symbolizes the over sized flower accessory that Carrie popularized!

 The Groom and the Ceremony

Channel all things Sex and the City from the bridal car to the flower girl. Of course the groom has to be in a sleek suit, worthy of Mr. Big's closet. The bridal car, if you are rebellious enough, can be a yellow cab (after all, an SATC episode is never complete w/o a cameo of this New York icon!), and the flower girls can be in tutus, reminiscent of Carrie's opening credits look!

The Second Outfits

A Sex and the City wedding is NOT a SATC wedding if there won't be enough fashion moments to go around! So "change-outfits" not just for the bride but also for the entire entourage is in order! Aileen made mention also of changing into a second look for her reception --and what better way to do this, than with one of Carrie's statement looks! The rest of the entourage can channel the girls too! Girly, Hamptons-worthy feminine looks for Charlotte girls, 80s sexy looks for Samantha girls, and Fun and bold looks for Miranda girls!


Of course, let's not forget that the Groom needs to assert his "manhood" because after all, this is also HIS wedding. So for the reception details, opt for the New York feel which is also very much part of the Sex and the City show. Cigarettes, hot dogs, and pizza are just some of the items that can be cleverly incorporated in the decors.

Now if you really MUST have something girly, add Carrie's favorite drink in the mix, yellow cab inspired cupcakes, and cheesecakes!


When you choose a theme, STICK to it from top to bottom. Instead of the usual guest book, leave a macbook at the reception table, and ask guests to complete the sentence: "I can't help but wonder..." And instead of the usual photo booth backdrop, have an artistic friend create a layout reminiscent of New York City.

Last but not the least, for your table decors, make it simple but "controversial" by putting famous quotes from the show--even Samantha's scandalous lines! Add a quirky touch with mini yellow cab place holders.

Aileen - if you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to email us. We hope that our tips were useful, good luck to your rebellious plans, and don't hesitate to send us a message again.

Got more tips for Aileen? Comment away!

Kai :)


  1. Have your wedding reception at the National Museum! If i knew about this before we booked our venue, this would have been one place I would have considered for my wedding. Another place would be the PICC! Though Carrie's wedding at the New York Library didn't push through doesn't mean you can't hold yours at an iconic Philippine structure. :D

  2. That's a great idea tinkikay! Pwede rin sa Makati Library if it's just an intimate wedding :)

  3. awww...thank you guys. Not a bad idea actually. Although, we have reserved for Chapel on the Hill. Challenge talaga ang reception this time. But, no frets because Dennis is one witty guy (I always gush about this fact) :)

    Kai and Mica, you are Angels in Bridal Couture. Loving all of these. Wedding moodboard, here I come!


    Mica are you reading what I am seeing? Our Rebellious Brides are discussing! I am so happy! Hahah :)

    @tinkikay - love the ideas! PS..you owe us a reply heheh :)

    @makikay - I heard the Makati Library is awesome! Great idea!

    @Aileen - Glad you loved the post! Thanks again for sharing with us your wedding planning and again, don't hesitate to message us :)

    Kai :)

  5. -via gmail-

    Hi Aileen!

    Thank you for the reply! Do what your heart desires! I especially love that you want a short dress (not white pa) and you want to do your own makeup. You have enough time to hone your makeup skills. Here's an entry on that topic to help you out : http://rebelliousbride.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-am-my-own-mua.html

    Also, some sort of DIY party so family & friends can help out. Don't be afraid to ask for help ha. Trust me, malalaman mo na maraming may love sa inyo! So go for gold! Woman power na itu! Good luck with everything!


    p.s. Maybe you can use the minions and bears as table indicators? Just making bato. It will all depend on your final theme. Everything will all fall into place naman :D

  6. -via gmail-

    Hello Mica and Kai. Dennis and I talked about the blog and he loved it! Hahaha. We are actually excited to put two and two together. (Kai) We are especially grateful as well for what you said about the guests because it makes a lot of sense. (Mica)Plus the link you gave about doing my own makeup shed more light with my decision. Gusto ko tuloy ng ala Vogue Wedding Dress Photo Shoot J hahahaha.. Thanks again guys. I will be consulting with you about a thing or two next time, I hope it’s okay.