Rebellious Idea - Neverland Wedding

"Fly with Me"
I am getting married in a few weeks yet my head is brimming with ideas for weddings (good thing we have this blog!). In truth, I am really partial to themed weddings. I don’t even care if people tend to think I take it a tad too literal. For our wedding, we wanted it to be playful. And since “mischief loves company” we opted to go for a Little Rascals-inspired wedding. Fashion-wise, I am going for ballerina chic since Darla is into ballet (and I am frustrated that I never had ballet lessons although I can fake the moves..hehe). Now, if I can only convince Marc to wear Alfalfa’s hairdo…

But enough about me and let me show you this ridiculous idea brewing in my head for a themed wedding: Peter Pan and Wendy (it would be perfect if these were the names of the couple! Haha!)

* enter pixie dust *

Imagine never ever having to say “I wanna grow old with you.” Because when your love is set in Neverland, your love will forever be young. And all you have do is believe…

* more pixie dust *

The Bridal Gown

This floaty, lingerie-ish gown will definitely be perfect for a wedding set in a garden or a woodland-looking venue or the La Mesa Eco Park (yes, you can get married there!). A lilac hue set amid the greens would be astonishing!

The Groom

How about a handsome ensemble much like what Johnny Depp is wearing here? No, no need for green tights. I am not that too literal!
The Entourage

I was debating on whether to use fairy-inspired dresses for the girls but decided on a more minimalist approach. I vote for these cute Peter Pan collar dress because it is just so apt! And in that case, I want the little boys sporting this collar, too.


First, I have to admit a secret. I look at party themes for wedding ideas. It’s because they’re less stiff and simply more fun! And when they choose a theme, they don’t half-ass the effort. They really go all out! I got these photos from a birthday party –a kiddie party. But when you look at it, it really is even more gorgeous than some weddings out there. The details are mostly handmade and crafted nicely.


And because pixie dusts can make you fly…suspended cupcakes instead of the usual cake for you wedding! Isn’t it amazing?


And this is the reason why I didn’t go for fairy-like dresses – because they will be carrying enchanting fairy wands as bouquets.


I especially like giveaways I can use. But plus points for souvenirs I will gladly wear! This shirt, for example, is easy to DIY (iron on) and then just wrap them in fairy-ish fabrics (chiffon or tulle) and add glitters as pixie dust and there you have it!

I could go on and on but I want to hear what you guys think! Do you have any more ideas to add for this themed wedding?


This is just a teaser of ideas that we can develop for your Neverland Wedding! Are you interested to have a wedding consultant? Email us at for more details.


  1. -via facebook-

    cute! :-) love the blog Mica Tuaño excited to read more of ur entries! :-)

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    thanks Cheska Generoso! did you see the suspended cupcakes?! super saya!

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    Mica Tuaño super cute! hehehehe

  4. This is the fly-est idea you girls have floated just yet (and it's not because of the pixie dust, I know)! So proud of you guys for doing this blog! Carry on!

  5. @Doodie Deen,

    Thank you SO MUCH for the encouraging words! The shameless pluggings are always welcome hehe.

    See you soon!

    Kai :)

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    love it mica!! :-)

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    clap clap clap for this blog! congratulations ladies!

  8. So cute. I like themed weddings. I also like Peter Pan. The future?

  9. This is actually going to be my wedding theme! starting with our engagement shoot in a couple weeks. My fiance in a forest green fedora w. red feather and green shirt and me in a blue dress in an 'enchanted forest' that's also on a beach with fallen trees and drift wood on it. chandeliers hanging from trees at our reception

    1. Hi Ashley! We wanna see your themed wedding! Hope you'll share your pics. Enjoy the preps and best wishes! :)