The Rebellious Brides - Now on its "Soft Launch"

Rebellious Bride by Hindy Weber Tantoco
Photo by: JC Cerilla, Model: Lou Munoz
Dear Rebellious Brides,

When Mica and I started developing the entries for the blog, we made sure to craft as much topics and blog posts before we even announce and spread to the world that such a rebellious wedding blog exists. This is because we wanted to make sure, that once you have chanced upon our blog, you will have enough content to go by.

We present to you therefore, our first "TALES FROM THE REBELLIOUS BRIDES" --the first twenty-something blog entries which are really a labor of rebelliousness not just from us but also from the awesome people that have contributed as well. The response we've gotten so far has been equally awesome--we've got the likes of Pat Dy, Toto Villaruel, J Lucas Reyes, Mitzi Quelindrino sharing with us their own definitions of The Rebellious Bride--and more are on the way. We've got the likes of Hindy W. Tantoco, Nelwin Uy, and Mark Cantalejo, allowing us to rummage through their portfolio to provide rebellious content for you. We have real-life rebellious brides AND even a groom, contributing in this early "tales" as well. And you will also get a "taste" of rebellious ideas to come as we already started posting and sharing here our thoughts on "wedding traditions" and a few wedding theme ideas as well. We are still in our "soft launch" right now, and there's still a lot more that we plan to do. If you are reading this right now, thank you for being the first rebellious brides to ever become part of this future rebellious community! We now present to you, Rebellious Brides and our first tales of rebelliousness!

Kai & Mica


  1. Kai & Mica,

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting up this blog. Now I know there's nothing wrong with me :) haha I'm having my dream beach wedding next year and honestly, preparations has been totally pain in the ass. What people had been telling me WHAT and WHAT NOT to do are not the things I want for my wedding. Ie., i dont like flowers, I dont like a cake, I dont want a program for our reception. First I thought I was just being a bridezilla. But since I discovered this, I finally got to embrace what I'm going thru right now :) Now it will be easier for me to express what I want for my wedding.:)

    Again, THANK YOU & MORE POWER :) I'm sure you'll go a long way :)

  2. Dear mrstwigmeister,

    Thank you for your kind words! I had my dream wedding in Boracay. If you need advice, just email us at!

    We'd love to feature your journey on your road to your rebellious wedding too :) So email us and let's figure it out hahaha.

    I had very minimal flowers in my wedding--and no cake. And practically no traditions whatsoever. Here's a link to my wedding if you would wanna check it out:

    Kai :)