Rebellious Bunch: Toto Villaruel

The rebellious one

A rebellious bride is a visionary! Imagines what she likes and makes it real. The rebel who’s confident to make her ideas and creativity work and doesn’t care what others have to say… because it’s her wedding ☺ A rebellious bride is the true bride, someone who is not afraid to show how crazy they are! :D she’s an artist inside and out! :)


*Toto Villaruel on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

All photos by Toto Villaurel

Backdrops that POP. That's the best way I would describe Toto Villaruel's photo artworks. When I see his photos, I am reminded by one of my favorite movies of all time: Hero (Jet Li) which was a visually stimulating story told through use of amazing colors and hues of reds, blues, greens, and white. That's how Toto's works look like. 

While most photographers put all their efforts on the obvious subjects--the bride and the groom, what makes Toto "rebellious" is that he has this magical way of creating life out of his backdrops--the third subject of his weddings. Imagine the world of possibilities when implementing your rebellious weddings knowing that your details, your backdrops are sure to come alive. 

The youngest senior photographer of ImageNation (and in the whole industry for that matter), Toto's attack on every wedding is remarkably fresh. Very inspired. And his backdrops....gosh....where to begin? Sometimes I regret not getting him, sometimes I think it just needs perfect timing. Someday I wish or rather, I must collaborate with this awesome wiz kid. 

Here's one of my favorite weddings he has done -- because I love that the rebellious bride wore a pale baby blue gown--a labor of love made by her very own mother! 

Toto Villaruel. Rebellious pops of color, for the Rebellious Bride. 

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*Toto's definition c/o Mica.


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