Rebellious Bunch - Bonne
“The rebellious bride is a woman who loves fashion, she is bold enough to set the trend, to go beyond the traditional veil.”

Bonsai Fojas on her definition of The Rebellious Bride

Bonsai is a darling, a breath of fresh air in the fashion and wedding industry. Her creativity has transcended the vintage-themed weddings where her fascinators first took off. Now, any bride in need of a fabulous & glamorous head candy has Bonne. This mad hatter also creates cloches, pillbox hats, feather headbands, feather clips, brooches, lace cuffs and things that sparkle! She is simply Bonne! 

-The Rebellious Brides on Bonne

L-R: Bonsai & Mica
Bonne Beginnings

I consider Bonsai my partner in crime because Bonne and The Makeup of Mica practically grew up together. I still remember our first shoot. My airbrush was spanking new and we had to drag our friends to be our models and do the photography. We've come a long way I must say. We have had countless shoots that have made it to websites and publications. I am most specially proud to see how Bonne grew. And with it, the pretty petite girl who is so full of unimaginable creativity--apparently Bonsais do grow to cast such a big shadow. Her following now goes beyond the country. I think her fascinators have seen places I haven't even set foot on. Haha!

The UNveiling

Bonne has come in a time where rebel brides no longer see the need to be shrouded in a constricting veil. Some brides even complain about how uncomfortable it gets under the veil (note to brides: tropical country..majinit!). Even worse, some brides have a had time walking the aisle because their veils create static on the carpet to the point of some hair-pulling (ouch!). We're not telling you not to wear Rapunzel-isque veils, we're just saying that now, those who don't want a veil have an option -- fascinators or birdcage veils. They cover only a little bit of your face, create drama and eliminates the need for your groom to clumsily take off the veil stuck on your face because of sweat. So...thank goodness Bonne exists!

Wouldn't you want this lovelies on your head for your big day? Let us know what you think!

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  1. i'm going to wear a bird cage veil on my wedding day ;)

  2. I am allergic to pollen. Hence, my wedding has to be flowerless. Help!