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When I get married again, I want all my guests to be in elegant black. 

I will be in my dream wedding dress color, platinum!!♥ @RebelliousBride

Camille Farinas Mathay on her Rebellious, 10th Year Anniversary Wedding Plans

I was with Jason Magbanua when Camille texted him to reserve for her wedding. We laughed at the fact that she was reserving for year 2013. Yes. Camille is THAT excited to celebrate her 10th year wedding anniversary with her husband, Macky. 

And rightfully so. Because every time Camille recalls her first wedding, she remembers being sleepy most of the time, feeling sick, not being that involved in the wedding preps, and just wanting it to be over and done with. They were after all, already expecting their first son, Roan at that time, and that was what made her more excited the most. But the fact of the matter is, Camille, despite not being excited with her first wedding, still had a fairytale-worthy wedding. So for their 10th year, I have nothing to advice Camille but to have fun with it and unleash her REAL, loka-loka self. Haha!

Camille is the kind of girl we all want to hate. She's like the Pinay version of Victoria Bekham. Naturally model-esque figure (even when preggers, I hate you.), looks good in everything she wears, muse of Avel Bacudio, featured as one of our time's best-dressed lists, has a Bekham-ish handsome husband, a would-be soccer mom with a handful of boys to take care of, and now a baby girl on the way. 

Everyone wants a piece of her and Macky. Always in the VIP guest list, always surrounded and fawned over, and invitations not just to party here but to travel elsewhere. But this is just really a shallow picture of this golden couple. In truth, Camille and Macky are homebodies who find happiness in curling up in their bed with their children, watching DVDs. 

So for Camille and Macky's 10th year anniversary, I propose a theme I call, "Manila Laoag". Set in Camille's hometown Laoag (yes Camille let's do this, destination wedding style). This wedding is a juxtapose of their fashionable Manila life, with a fashion show inspired wedding ceremony and a reception that is very homey,  a banquet family style with lots of heirloom decors (and food!), poetry, books, picture frames of family, and the ten years they've had together. 

Here goes:


Fascinator lifted from:
The Bride

Camille wants to be in Platinum so platinum it is! And designed by Avel Bacudio, no less! We top it off with a platinum fascinator, simply because she's the type who can pull it off, and let's finish off the look with a Purple Brooch Bouquet--as a tribute to the times when Camille had her online store "Posh & Purple", and also because a tenth year wedding deserves an "heirloom" that can be passed on to the next Farinas-Mathay clan. 

The Entourage

Camille wants everyone to be in elegant black so let's peg this with an Audrey Hepburn inspired ensemble. Camille and Macky's wedding will be extra special because they will celebrate it with their children, and there's nothing more elegant than with children looking spiffy and pretty in sophisticated yet playful black outfits!

The ceremony will be a tribute to Camille and Macky's "Manila Life" -- embracing that it is inevitably part of who they have become. Directed by none other than Avel Bacudio, imagine a ceremony with dramatic lighting, eye candy outfits, wonderful music, choreographed entourage walks, worthy of the runway! 


The reception will totally be the extreme opposite of the ceremony. Here, we see a more relaxed, and laidback reception, with 10 banquet family-style tables, symbolizing the ten years of their wedding life. Each table will have vintage-inspired props that would detail and illustrate the year it represents (example, three of the tables can be a tribute to each of their kids birth year, another table can be about the family activities they've done together in that particular year, etc.) from pictures to books, to words. A playful scavenger hunt game can even take place in the grounds of Camille's house where guests must look for 10 hidden items their children hid from the guests.

Do you have more suggestions on how to execute Camille's rebellious-10th-year-wedding-in-the-
making? Comment away! 

Kai :)
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  1. Camille F. MathayJuly 25, 2011 at 8:53 AM

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    I LOVE it!!! I showed Mac nga e, told him to prepare in bold letters his budget na! He has ample time. Heheheheheh