Rebellious Entourage Themes

Entourage Rebels by Hindy Weber Tantoco

"Traditionally", the entourage is asked to wear, what I personally call, "entourage gown uniforms" reminiscent of debuts or cotillions. The gowns are usually of the same color or palette, of the same fabric, and varied only by styles which can range from haltered, tube, off-shoulder, etc, etc. While there's nothing wrong with this, my advice is to be more adventurous about it, create a more fashionable theme the likes of a runway collection, so that your entourage will REALLY have fun with it! 

Designer Hindy Weber Tantoco is fast becoming a favorite for entourage collections. And rightfully so, as she has been known to be versatile, being the brain child of Rustan's U and U-Swim (for teens), Culte Femme (for women), Belle Mama (for expecting moms), and Kiddos (for kids). With 10 years in the retail biz, hers is an experience unparalleled by no other. In fact, she's had brides who have asked her to create an entire line of wedding collection, which includes gowns, resorts wear, and even swimsuits! 

Hindy's entourage collections are so inspired, it's like she just collaborated with the bride to host a fashion show during the ceremony! Hindy shares with us some inspirations for themed entourage collections.

Culte Chic

Pantsuits and an entire fashion collection complete with accessories! How fab!

Wild Child

Wonderful flowing dresses, and resort wear! The obvious choice is to use this theme for a destination wedding--but bring the theme in Manila to make it even more abruptive! 

Femme Fatale

Ohhhhh....need I say more?

She can literally do ANY theme, season, and collection under the sun--so name your concept and she'll be able to do it so perfectly and stylishly. And when you do decide to get her--make sure to give her more creative freedom and not just pegs. Because a Rebellious Bride is adventurous and is unafraid to experiment with fashion :)

Which entourage theme are you inspired with? Let us know! 


Credits: Photos provided by Hindy Weber Tantoco


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