Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy

Rebellious Photographs by Pat Dy
"A rebellious bride is: someone who doesn't follow the traditional wedding details and preps, she can still get inspiration from the books and magazines and makes her own twist of things from her gown, to her invites up to the way the food is presented. It does not have to be totally radical but it should be different from everybody else in his/her own interpretation."

*Pat Dy on his definition of The Rebellious Bride

What else is there to say about Pat Dy? Known to be a "rockstar photographer", when I think of Pat Dy, I remember the movie "The Bride Wars" where one of the more popular quotes were "You do not alter a Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera." Why do I remember Pat Dy with this quote? Because he is part of the "tier 1" of wedding gods where you would have to adjust your wedding date if you really want to get him. Why is he in that "level"? Simply put, he can make you look and feel drop, dead, gorgeous.

Years and years of doing editorial shoots, he can do beauty shots and find your angle in a blink of an eye--and this is precisely why he is perfect for a Rebellious Bride--because he will find beauty and bask in your rebelliousness. You can even "cheat" the rebellious look by getting him--because his style is so rebellious and elegantly edgy that he will find a way for some twisted beauty to come out, still.

Like I said, there's nothing else to say about Pat Dy. Pat Dy IS already Pat Dy. So we'll just let his pictures speak for itself.  And do us a favor will you? If you get him, wow us with a kick-ass rebellious wedding! =P

Pat Dy. 
Beauty in Rebelliousness, for the Rebellious Bride. 

Kai :)

*quote from Pat Dy, c/o Mica


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