Rebellious Couple - Claude & Dexter

When these two irreverent and creative individuals (of the advertising breed) decided to marry, they made sure their wedding reeked of their personalities.

To get a little bit of perspective here’s something about the couple: Claude and Dexter are the creators of the strip “Along for the Ride.” This is their collaboration as a couple and as art director and writer, respectively.

Love Thy Neighbor

Claude & Dexter took this commandment quite literally. They were neighbors since they were 3 years old. But it took them 30 years to realize they were meant to be together.



Prenup in Pambahay

This is one of the most rebellious prenup shoots I have ever seen. While everyone else took the time and effort to wear elegant outfits, hire stylist, etc. Claude & Dexter simply wore their house clothes and did a role reversal shoot (ot maybe they were playing their actual characters…hehe). It was so spot-on and funny.

Prenup Photos by Macopa Pink

Claude: Am the man!

Maglaba ka!

Sabi na si Claude talaga nanligaw e!

Nail Cutter not Cookie Cutter

“Kinukuko ko ‘yan!” (I used my nails), Claude would say about their very intricate STD invite. It was nostalgic of their childhood and it was as intricate as their very long waiting and love story.

All in B&W

Just like their comic strips, everything was B&W with actual silhouettes of the couple as design elements. It was very classy but it was very them at the same time.

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  1. i love the avp!!! :) and hurray for pambahay prenups! :)

  2. -via facebook-

    Don't you think a prenup in your tsinelas is awesome?!

  3. -via facebook-

    Haaannnggg gandaaa, evil sistah!!! Hahaha.

  4. -via facebook-

    Thank you!!! Kinikilig pa rin ako sa avp ng mister ko.

  5. kakakilig nga yung AVP. love na love ka ni dex! anong pinainom mo?! hehehe!

  6. shux ang cute nung love story nila claude :)