Whenever I’ve saturated way too many wedding blogs (I never even close Greenwedding shoes, Style me pretty and Wedding gawker on my Firefox tabs), I simply go to other web places that visually tickle my fancy.

So….in true Julie Andrew’s fashion, “These are a few of my favorite things…(er, sites!) is a blog that gives you a dose of lovelies on a daily basis. There are just a lot of ideas floating around in this site.

IMDB and Oh Joy Blogs is a data base of numerous movies. Go to genres and choose Romance (or Comedy?!) and you already have a lot of wedding themes to choose from! is simply put, pure bliss! It’s a place full of color and creative yummies! It will most definitely keep the ideas coming. You don’t have to find your bridal gown in a bridal magazine or a bridal blog. Sometimes, the best designs come from the left field (or the Oscar’s red carpet!). And when it comes to all things fashionable and chic, I recommend notcouture. They often show radical designs and drool-worthy accessories. is your handmade goods heaven. It’s a community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers! This is the D-I-Y brides’ virtual inspiration board. You can even have a D-I-Y-ooking wedding without even doing it yourself!

Do you have any other sites to add? Come on, be rebellious and have a non-bridal research day!


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  1. BeeN StaLkinG WeDDinG GawKer and StYle me PreTtY..haha..ThanKS MiCa.