Rebellious Head Candies

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I am a fan of allowing the entourage to shine with their own personal style. Also, if you are like us whose wedding funds are solely coming from nobody else but the bride and groom without as much as a cent from the parents, I am also a fan of looking for other creative ways to spend on the entourage apart from their dresses.

For our Boracay wedding, I allowed my entourage to wear what they wanted to wear--instead, I spent on their Kate Spade gifts which I bought during their sale. For the second wedding, I once again allowed my entourage to wear what they wanted and instead, I provided head candies they can wear during the wedding in keeping with the theme--which at the same time served as gifts as well.

Providing head candies, instead of the entourage dresses make for wonderful, unique details for the wedding--and it's something that the girls can definitely keep and use in other events. Hand crafted Bonne head pieces by Bonsai Fojas are truly the perfect fashionable elements for your wedding. Check out the wide range of styles she can do for you. They are wedding themes in itself! So many creative ideas and inspirations from her various collections!

Which style are you most loving right now? :)

For the Maid-of-Honor

For the Flower Girl

For the Ladies who love Pillbox Hats and Fascinators

For the Ladies who love Color

For the Ladies who love the Glam

For the Ladies who love Quirky Headbands

The possibilities are quite endless with Bonne! Have you used fabulous head candies from your own wedding? Or are you seriously considering it? Share us your thoughts :)



  1. Bonne is the best! She made the headpieces for our Ninangs.
    She's going to make the head candies for our entourage too. :) I'm excited na for our wedding! hehehe :)

  2. we're excited for your wedding, too!