Rebellious Idea - The Tagaytay Hop
Tagaytay is a lovely place to have a wedding, don't you agree? The fresh, cool breeze, the scenic view, the food, and the rustic vibe are just some of the things that make Tagaytay oh so romantic.

Are you considering having a Tagaytay wedding? If you are, I'd like to suggest a Rebellious way on how to do your wedding. A wedding idea, that has never been done before, and I think a new Tagaytay experience that you and your guests will enjoy. 

And I call it, The Tagaytay Hop. Inspired by our own wedding which we called The Bora Hop because we hopped from one Bora venue to another, imagine a Tagaytay wedding that will span for the entire weekend. 

The venue? Tagaytay Highlands. Once I suggested this as a venue to an office mate who was getting married and instantly, and without even knowing anything about the venue, he automatically said "Ay, mahal". And it really is the first impression on Highlands because it's very exclusive. But when you are inside, it's a whole new world....and it's very affordable my friends. 

There are a lot of activities inside the place. And there are a lot of nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered. In fact, I have been going to Highlands since I was in high school and yet I still haven't visited every possible thematic restaurant in the area. 

This Tagaytay Hop wedding as mentioned, will span for the entire weekend, and will have activities for the wedding party from arrival to departure. 

And here's how it's going to be planned out: 

Saturday (the day before the wedding) 

2:00PM - Checking-In

The wedding party arrives. 

In Tagaytay Highlands there are different kinds of accommodations to choose from. You and your guests can either go to the Belle View -- a 70s, classic hotel with different types of suites which have the best view in the area because it's fronting the Taal Volcano. There's also the Woodlands--log cabins with pine trees that will make you imagine you are with Bella and Edward. There's also the Pinecrest -- an Italian inspired compound that makes me feel like Romeo and Juliet are just around the corner. There's also the Camping Grounds--where you can either stay at the Cowboy Cabin or in the smaller rooms. And there are still so much more kinds of hotels inside! Choose your pick and each room will provide various experiences for everyone. 

L-R: Belle View (Photo by Dino Lara), Woodlands, and Pine Crest

4:00PM - 6:00PM - The Animal Farm

The first activity of the day is to get everyone well acquainted at the Animal Farm. It's a simple but charming zoo that everyone of all ages are sure to enjoy. The photographers and videographers can already start shooting at this time and you can even have a separate video just for the festivities of the day. If you didn't have a prenup session, this also makes for a wonderful photo op opportunity with you and your guests. To make it even more fun, ask your guests to be in their most fab outfits---your themes can be preppy, or barn-inspired, or cowboy! 

6:00PM - 8:00PM - The Highlands Steak House

Highlands has its own Steak House inside and it's one of the best steak houses in the country--it even ranked at the prestigious Miele Guide. The food is amazing here and the view is spectacular. This can serve as your wedding rehearsal dinner. 

8:00PM - 10:00PM - The Bonfire 

After dinner, gather everyone together at the Camping Grounds for a wonderful bonfire bonding moment. Make some smores with your guests, have a few beers, have a guitar ready and sing a few songs if you like. Cap the night off at 10:00PM so that the bride can have her beauty rest. 

Sunday (The day of the wedding)

8:00AM - 9:00AM - The Golf Club

For breakfast, head on over to the Golf Club for a breakfast buffet. Fresh breads are delicious here and you can enjoy the view as you dine. 

10:00AM - 12:00NN - The Spa & Lodge

Highlands also has its own log cabin Spa & Lodge place so this is the perfect time for the couple, especially the Bride, to pamper herself. Guests can join in too! The Spa also comes with a well-equipped salon so the wedding party can conveniently have their make-up done inside the Highlands grounds as well. 

4:00PM - 5:00PM - The Ceremony

Our secret place at Highlands makes for a wonderful ceremony venue
If you are Catholic and want it done in a church, Highlands also has a beautiful quaint church at the Midlands called Madre de Dios. But if you don't need to have it at the Church, then I suggest having an outdoor wedding in one of my favorite secret hiding places in Highlands--this is at the Golf Course area. I super love this place! It's majestic and peaceful!

6:00PM - 8:00PM - Bistro Saratoga

For the dinner reception, I highly recommend doing it at the Bistro Saratoga in Midlands. It looks like a vineyard, although it's not a vineyard and there's a farm inside that makes for a wonderful view. You dine al'fresco style and the food is fresh and beautiful! You can have a couple's entrance, dance if you must, but essentially the place is really meant for just enjoying the view--no need to have a program at all. 

8:00PM - 10:00PM 
Geraldine's Diner & The Cinema

 After the dinner, you can have a little fun at the 50s diner also inside the Highlands grounds. Here the kids can indulge in milkshakes, while the adults can have a few spiked drinks. Have a few dancing while the jukebox is playing some old songs, and do some more photo sessions because the place is just fun and charming! Then, when the photographers and videographers are ready, head on over to the Cinema beside Geraldine's, the staff will serve everyone some popcorn, then you will all view the photo slideshow and the same-day-edit together. Speeches can be made here as well. The end. 

If you are able to create this wonderful wedding, then this is one amazing Rebellious wedding indeed! How do you implement it? Basically you just need a Tagaytay Highlands memeber to vouch for you. After that it's going to be a breeze! Don't worry about going around because there are free shuttles inside for your guests. You can give them a DIY itinerary so they know what to expect. Accommodations are not that expensive at all and range from P3,000-P6,000 (unless of course if you get bigger suites then that's gonna be more pricey). Food is also not that expensive and will range from P200-P300 (except for the Steak House). The Animal Farm is only P100 per head, and the Bonfire is free. Overall, the total cost for this will not amount to a hotel reception. I suggest to keep the wedding party intimate with only 30-50 guests. 

What would make for wonderful additional rebellious wedding elements for a Tagaytay Hop? Share with us your thoughts! :)

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  1. -via facebook-

    nice... maybe on our 25th wedding anniv, renewal of vows :D

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    sounds fresh and brilliant :)

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    that's amazing! i want to get married again! haha

  4. What a great idea! I love the Highlands! There's so much to do pa!

    I totally dig China Palace. How about a Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon theme!! that would be rad!

  5. OMG! Me and my bf are planning to have our wedding there late next year. After reading this post, it made me all the more excited to have our wedding done there. Love your ideas!

  6. Hi Triggerhappy,

    Thank you for your comment. Awesome choice for your venue! Let us know how your wedding planning is coming along :)