Bora Hop - The Rebellious Album Edition

The Bora Hop Album - The Mango Red Edition

Note to future rebellious brides: There's still something to look forward to, 6 or 8 months after the wedding--and that is your wedding album, especially post-processed and artfully laid out by your photographers just for you. Most photographers will ask you to choose your favorite photos, and depending on how fast you can sift through thousands of raw files, that will also be directly proportional to how fast your album can be given to you. 

Specific to the ultimate Rebellious Gang, Mango Red, their much-coveted wedding albums are enough to actually choose them as your wedding photographers.

Mango Red has made a brand out of their wedding albums alone. Meticulously designed and carefully created to ensure its uniqueness, Mango Red launched their 2011 album designs a couple of months ago and each couple can choose which theme or template you would want for your album.  The result of which is an album worthy like that of a limited edition release. 

In our case, we chose the design that was closest to the feel of our Bora Hop. Mango Red's templates go from the most "tamed" down to the downright rebellious and topak. What makes this album even more rebellious than it already is? We didn't choose the photos that were gonna be laid out. We just completely trusted Mango Red's rebelliousness and creativity to lay it out and pick their own photos in whichever way they wanted it. And here are some of the awesome layouts from the album:

I particularly love the beautiful doodles in our album. Words like "Your love shall remain, my comforting groom; your memory my eternal wedding" add this feeling that our album is more than just an album--rather, it is a book of poetry. I also love that our album looks a lot like a Kate Spade notebook, and captures our playful wedding, and rebellious personalities.

The Red Box
Apart from our album, we also received two red boxes wrapped like a Christmas Gift from Mango Red, which has the post processed pictures of our wedding. For the post processed pics, we only chose about 180 photos out of the 250 that we were asked to pick--reason being that we also wanted to give Mango Red a free hand on which photos they would want to personally post process. The result of this was another refreshing take of our wedding. 

To know more about Mango Red's albums, click the photo below :) 

Mango Red's 2011 Albums

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