Rebellious Prenup: Cotton Candy Lovin' and Summer Nights

Photography by Paul Vincent

Styling by Lifestyle by Feliz
What happens when you mix California Girl's Katy Perry and some Grease Lightnin'? An electrifying prenup shoot!

While some couples choose to go the cheesy route (although being a cavity-inducing couple can still have a rebellious twist like in our Zombie Love entry), Samantha & Mauie chose to add some fizzle and sizzle.

Shot at Filling Station in Burgos St. Makati

I interviewed Sam, now Mrs. Samantha Aviñante-Jurilla :) and asked her more about their rebellious engagement shoot.

RB: What made you decide to do this theme? 

SAM: Mauie and I would really want to try something new but would still keep our unique personalities... Just to share, Mauie is really not into fashion, he doesn't care about his looks most of the time. He's always on his faded jeans and lose shirt. (which I don't like hahaha) pero I can't do anything kasi yun yung trip niya eh. As for me naman, I like to experiment (quite daring ika nga!) I don't care what other people will say as long as I feel great about it. (loka loka eh)

We came up with the Vintage idea after seeing this cute diner in Makati. We were really fascinated with all the details they have in that restaurant. From the walls, to the ceiling, and even the black and white floors. But we were thinking twice since we already saw a lot of vintage themed pre-nups. We still want to stick with the idea of having a 50's/60's themed pre-nup however, we want it to be different from the rest so here comes Lifestyle by Feliz (our ever creative stylists). We told them about our ideas and the things that inspired us -Katy Perry, old school Diner, bad boy and ballerina girl, old hollywood glam etc. So they came up with not so ordinary presentations which they call Cotton Candy Lovin' and Summer Nights.

What I really like about our pre-nup is that it's not the usual "sweet sweetan outdoor pictorial" and what makes me happy is that Mauie shined as well.

For me, it's not only the bride that should shine... it could be equal. 'coz I noticed that most of the time, the groom only plays a secondary role in the photos.

RB: What were the on challenges planning a rebellious shoot?

SAM:  At first, Mauie was really shocked that I have to wear something revealing. I told him "it's okay minsan lang yan! baka kasi pag kinasal na tayo tapos magkaanak na tayo bigla na kong lumobo! hahaha atleast I have photos nung sexy pa ko!" I was really happy that when we were shopping for our clothes, Mauie was really supportive then and he even enjoyed shopping too. When he was trying on the clothes that I chose for him, he said "ay ang gwapo ko pala!" 

Synthetic cotton from Divisoria were used as props.
 As you noticed, we also have this clouds effect in the shoot. We just filled it with synthetic cotton (the material used in making a pillow). We went to Divisoria just to purchase 10 kilos of it. haha I never thought that it was so heavy. We didn't bring a car going there so we have to carry a huge bag of cottons and ride a jeepney going home. It was fun though. "kahit ano alang alang sa prenup" i-career ito! haha

RB: Any shout-outs to the people/suppliers who made the shoot possible?

SAM: Paul Vincent - you never failed to amaze me. Super galing mo!"GANDAAAAAAAAA!!!" (his fave expression) all the photos came out beautifully. Tagal kong hinintay i-post ito. June pa! But the long wait was really worth it! Gandaaaa! Many thanks! =)

Paula King & Tine Diestro Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz - Thank you very much! Our fab shoot will not be possible without your help and of course your creative juices. Everything was perfect! Great outcome. It was all that we expected.

To the beautiful Mica Tuaño - super thanks! Nagmukha talaga akong galing sa ibang generation because of your make-up! Galing! Galing!

Vintage look by The Makeup of Mica

Sam really is such a vibrant, rebellious bride. I so love her topak! In her words, she tells other brides these: Do not be afraid to try new things. It's alright to be different. We are all not the same so why not show to the whole world who you are, what are your preferences etc. Do not think about what other people will say anyway, it's your day!!! Just have fun and enjoy every minute of your shoot with your future husband. I know if you chose something creative, the more memorable your shoot will be. 

Very well said, Sam. 

Here are more eye candies from their uber hot shoot:

Hair by Grace Tuaño and Paula King

They even used the photos in their vintage record album invite :) SUPER COOL!

And as bonus, here's a link to their colorful candy lovin' Save-the-Date video made by Phoeben Teocson: SAM & MAUIE

Such a fun couple brimming with personalities! Do you know if any more rebellious prenups? Just holler!

Ang saya! Weeee!

Mica Tuaño-Fuentes
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