How to Fight the Veil - Tradition, Perspiration, Suffocation

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Rosa Clara Veils

"The Mantilla Veil is a win-win situation. There is no denying that this is a traditional veil--and your parents won't be able to contest it. At the same time, it will not suffocate you, and it will still look very chic." -- RB

Photo taken from Ash Gupta

Whichever way you look at it, a veil is just not practical in this tropical weather. 

I don't care if it's "tradition". The way I see it, you should not be forced to wear a veil because: 

a) you pay good money for your make-up which will melt by the sheer sight of the veil, 

b) it's your big day, and you can barely keep it together and what the veil will do is just add shortness of breath and the feeling of being suffocated (worse, it can also stick to your face and you need to be careful not to step on it), 

c) and the reason for a veil is so outdated in these times.

In fact, I have friends who are not of the rebellious kind--and yet they have decided to eventually lose the veil during their big day.

Photo by J Lucas Reyes, Veil by Bonsai Fojas of Bonne
It's just really....very....uncomfortable. Period. In our second wedding, I only wore a 12-inch veil and I was already sweating like a pig. What more for a Cathedral veil? I applaud all brides who have had to put up with a veil---especially if it was one of those things that you had to sacrifice because your parents will kill you if you didn't wear a veil.

So what to do if you really have no choice but to wear a veil? After much researching, I have come to a conclusion, that the best way to wear a veil that you can defend to your parents is the Mantilla Veil.

Here's the definition of a Mantilla Veil:

Mantilla Veil:

"This is a single layer circle-shaped piece of tulle or fabric which rests on top of the head. The edge is bordered with lace that frames the face. It was typically worn with an ankle – length gown. Some insight and history for you: A Mantilla is a lace or silk scarf worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb, popular with women in Spain. It is particularly associated with traditional devotional practices among women in Catholicism. The lightweight ornamental mantilla came into use in the warmer regions of Spain towards the end of the sixteenth century, and ones made of lace became popular with women in the 17th and 18th centuries being depicted most notably in the portraits of Diego Velazquez and Goya. In the nineteenth century, Queen Isabel II (1833–1868) actively encouraged its use. The practice diminished after her death, and by 1900 the use of the mantilla became largely limited to special ceremonies, such as bullfights, Holy Week and weddings." -- From Blush Weddings

Need further convincing? Here are some variations on the Mantilla Veil which I think are very pretty:

Rosa Clara Veils

Rosa Clara Veils

The Mantilla Veil is a win-win situation. There is no denying that this is a traditional veil--and your parents won't be able to contest it. At the same time, it will not suffocate you, and it will still look very chic. 

How to execute it? Here are some suggestions: 

L-R: Feather Veil by Bonsai Fojas, Mantilla Veil from ETSY
1) Get a quote from your designer on how much the Mantilla Veil will cost you if it is packaged with your gown. 

2) Check ETSY for ideas and buy it from there

3) If not, Rebellious Bunch Bonne by Bonsai Fojas will surely be able to take on the challenge, at a reasonable enough price. 

Do you know of anyone who has worn a Mantilla Veil? Share it with us! 

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  1. I only want this for my wedding eversince I can remember. Maiinit un traditional veils and what if I tripped down because I can't see a darn thing due to it hihihi!

    This is a toss between lace caps. I so want lace caps!!! But my bestfriend says the detail on me might be too much since I will be having a lace gown as well hehehe!:)

  2. I didn't wear a veil at all when I got married two weeks ago. :) Ayoko lang talaga. I did get permission from our priest beforehand, though. It was liberating.

  3. How fitting is this post! I'm wearing a mantilla for our wedding in a month :) It will go really well with our Cuban themed wedding. It is Cuba because that is where we first met and fell in love :)

    1. Hi Kim!

      That's wonderful! Please do share your wedding details with us :)

  4. i like mantilla veils but i also think rebellious brides can wear regular veils if they want to. i actually liked the veil a lot because of the sense of mystery that it gives off. it wasn't suffocating at all when i was walking down the aisle. well, it's really up to the bride what kind of veil you want to use. i love my veil so much that i plan to lend it to all my friends who are getting married soon as their "something-borrowed" :)

    1. ps. i was sooo kilig the moment my groom was about to lift my veil and show off his new bride/wife before leaning in to kiss me. i sooo loved that moment. so yes to veils for me! :)

  5. How about a flower wreath? With the veil trailing at the back. I think that'll be nice. =)

  6. any idea what kind if texture they used in wedding veil of cheska garcia?

  7. no veil for me. i think it wont look fitting for my gown. masyado nakong balot na balot and then may veil pa. just a simple head dress for me :)