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I have so many words and ideas on how to introduce this blog post, that I don't even know where to start. Excited much? So allow me to share my thought bubbles one at a time and I hope it will all make sense eventually.

How did you choose your SDE music? I'm being asked by a good friend of mine to suggest a song for their SDE and I am totally clueless. So when Rebellious Bride reader, Rachel Evangelista emailed us, her story couldn't have come in a better time. That's my first thought bubble.

When Mica and I decided to create this blog, we set out to go into this mission to unleash the rebellious side of Pinay brides who are not only stressed with wedding planning but have to contend with accommodating inputs from the Church, the parents, society, friends who all have an opinion on so-called wedding rules. And in just 3 months or so, of launching this blog, we have met so many awesome wedding movers and shakers we admire so much, we have met rebellious brides who have come forward, and future brides that realize just how much rebellious they really want to be. It's totally amazing how this blog has suddenly created a network, a bridge of some sort. Why, just early this year, I watched a Jason Magbanua video that had a rebellious choice for an SDE song that I was so compelled to share it with my friends. And here we are today, with the bride, sharing with us the same video. Second thought bubble.

Last thought bubble. So SDE Music. I understand that it can make or break your SDE. The SDE that you will play over and over again. Naturally, there's pressure on which song to use. But now I think I've finally cracked it. I say, let. go.

Raetz and Jay: Flashdance from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Rachel wrote:

I stumbled upon your website and actually posted a comment on your topic on wedding songs. It brought back so much happy memories. :)

That said, I just wanted to share with your our wedding video. We chose the remake of Flashdance for our SDE. We wanted a song that has never been used in any video and make it uniquely ours. I first heard the song a few years ago, and it has been a permanent fixture on my playlist ever since. I loved the unique, ethereal, relaxed and sophisticated spin to an 80s classic (that one would normally associate with leg warmers. LOL).

When we were thinking of the best song to use for our video, there were a couple of songs, both fast and slow, that my (now husband) Jay and I were deliberating on, but this song was the winner. When we made Jason Magbanua listen to it and asked if he wanted to go with a faster one, he said no, this choice was perfect. As a side note, I knew Jason from years ago, and he is somewhat familiar to my heartaches and heartbreaks, and he said that the song choice would be most fitting as he was so sure that I would cry from the overwhelming feeling of walking down the aisle. Fortunately, Jay and I made a promise that there would be no tears, at least for the two of us, during the wedding. On the actual wedding day, it was quite hard for me to contain my tears, especially when the Philippine Madrigals started to hum the wedding march (Here, There and Everywhere), but I managed to keep it together. :) But true to what Jason had predicted, our wedding was filled with the cheerful smiles and happy tears of our relatives and friends, and not a dry eye was in the house especially when this video was shown.

If you are a Jason Magbanua bride, you know that one of the very, many reasons why you've paid good money to get him is because he has an impeccable taste in music. Haha. He can either "approve" or "disapprove" your song choice. And let him! He is after all, JMag at heart. Hahaha. So if you have him as your videographer, and you are still stumped with what SDE song to use, just allow him to decide for you. I promise you--it will be well worth it (after much defending that he'd rather choose our music, we finally decided to let it go, and he couldn't have chosen a better song). 

But whoever is doing your SDE, at the end of the day, just don't think so hard. Whether it's a silly song, or you want something that's never been used, just choose what speaks to you and your groom the most. Don't overthink it. It's not about how cool the song is, it's not about how timeless it has to be, it's not about trying so hard to own your own love team music, it's about what would best capture your big day or your emotions, in that moment, in that instance. Your friends may not have the answer to this. So cull the inspiration from within--and if all else fails, allow your videographer to sum it up for you.

All together now! "What a feeling!" :)



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