One Month after 9.10.11 (Part 2)

To create a rebellious wedding, you and your groom must be willing to roll up your sleeves and not do anything half-assed (itodo ang topak) to make that day extra special. You have to work on it. You have to inject your personalities and make your wedding day truly your own.
Marc kept the wedding venue a secret up until the invites were out.
He's really good at surprises and it took all my willpower not to reveal the venue to our friends.
Squeeze those creative juices! But first, know what you want before you execute.

I already hear those gears turning in your head. Good luck to all our rebellious readers in your journey to the big day!

Here's part 2 (from part 1) of our playful romantic Little Rascals/D-I-Y/Ballerina chic/Purple themed wedding:

The Attire (Continued)
Here's a look on what some of our guests wore.
The always fashionable sisters: Nina Jimenez and Sassa Jimenez (my gown designer!)

The boys looked dashing in their suits while the girls wore ballerina inspired dresses.

Tuesday Vargas wore a tutu made by Bonne. That's Bonsai Fojas of Bonne beside her.

My Male of Honor wore a shiny-shimmery suit with winged sneakers! While Abby Jimenez wore a classy asymmetrical dress in deep purple. Their partners looked awesome in their suits as well! That's Rue with my MOH and Mon J with Abby :)

Camille wore a bandage dress in purple which I absolutely love!

One of our best dressed during the wedding: Nadia :) What a cute tutu dress!

The Ceremony

We didn't have to style Archbishop much since it was a beautiful chapel. So we just set-up picket fences outside and placed flowers in purple boxes inside.

I was practicing my walk before I did it on the short chapel aisle!

I rode a cute little car called a PT cruiser which reminded me of Waldo's go-cart in Little Rascals.

Purple boxes with flowers lined the aisle. These were also used for the reception.

Purple invasion inside Archibishop! Sometimes, what your guests are wearing serves as added style.

The Bouquet

I asked my friend Bonsai Fojas to help design my D-I-Y non-floral bouquet. At first, she
thought,"CAN I DO IT?! I CAN DO IT. HAHA!" She also said the inspiration came from my personality, purple and playful :) So with her design, we went about D-I-Ying with the rest of the entourage. 

Event stylist extraordinaire Michael "Badang" Rueda then called me with an offer to help complete my bouquet. How can I say no to that?! He then added potpourri and shaped it into perfection.

“Puwede palang mag-bouquet na kakaiba. This is a good idea for soon-to-be brides because there’s no need to preserve it like real flowers. I enjoyed coming up with a bouquet like this. Para lang akong naglalaro when I made it! Masaya siya, one-of-a-kind." said Badang.

I asked Bons how she felt when she saw the completed bouquet and she exclaimed, "WE DID IT! It was so beautiful, even more so when the bride's friends made each and every piece with love :)"

There was so much the love and talent put into my bouquet. It really has a lot of sentimental value. Right now, it's displayed in our condo inside a cute acrylic pail :) 

My bouquet was made with felt fabric, button, potpourri and ribbons.

Purple shoelaces were also added to my bouquet :)

The Details

One of our rebellious brides Nonie stressed the importance of details in a wedding. And because I'm addicted to purple, most of the details were in this color and kept with the playful mood & tone.

There were a lot of D-I-Y elements, much like inside a kids’ clubhouse. It had to look kiddie and makeshift-like. My handwriting was perfect for this project! So I wrote with chalk, glued buttons, used popsicle sticks, cut felt fabric, folded paper flowers, stitched boutonnieres and pretty much hurried home for the past months to do most of the arts and crafts seen in our wedding.

Our Flashcards invite were also used as decor in the reception.

Buttons added more cuteness to the theme.

Felt fabric flowers and leaves were given as hair clips & pins.

We wanted people to feel like kids again during our wedding.

Bow tie napkins and marshmallow lollipops are a few of my favorite things!

Wedding Essentials played a big part in helping make our dream wedding come true :)

The chalk-written name cards were a hit!

Gina Galang of Royal Flower Shoppe didn't want the arrangement to be stiff. So she used wooden boxes and just loosely arranged the flowers. She even used cans instead of vases for some!

Each table had unique elements since we couldn't D-I-Y the same designs. hehe!

Colored water, stone, wooden boards and tiny hearts made each table whimsically playful.

The Venue

Marc and I were the first couple to wed in Ronac Art Center. Inside a professional basketball court. It was such a cool place to celebrate being married. I wish more couples would discover places like this or other places beyond a hotel ballroom.
What the Playground looked like on 9 10 11 :)

Those paper flowers were handmade by us!

Come play with us!

Ang daming photo opportunities sa Ronac!

Mica = Jumping Shot
Miniature M&M

The Sweets

Our cake was made by one of the country's top cake makers, Joy San Gabriel. What's amazing is that you can doodle with icing on our cake. Someone even drew poop. By "someone" I mean my crazy Male of Honor.

Our cake topper were vinyl toys called Munny we bought from Secret Fresh in Ronac. Plus, that cake was the most delicious carrot walnut I have ever tasted. I swear.

Reminiscent of our crayon wall drawing as kids!

Thanks, Wedding Essentials and Ms. Joy San Gabriel :)

We also had mini ombre cupcakes, cake pops and cotton candy! For more hyper guests!!!
And we had Bindi's sweetsnbits ice cream :D

The Program
What's a Little Rascal's themed wedding without a talent show? Enter singing guests! Infused with alcohol from Quench Mobile bar, our friends and relatives seemed to be having their very own mini-concert with songs from the 80s and the 90s.

M&M's BACKTRACKeoke with The Ronnies

Tuesday did an 80s song number by Madonna
With Beng Calma-Alcazren of Drip who also sang during my walk down the aisle.
After my sister's exciting song number, many people gained the confidence to perform.
Betsy Baking rockin' the house!

During the "un-cocktails" (where we served squidballs, PBJ sandwiches, sisig trainggulo, etc.), we also had a Palarong Pambata quiz show about the games we used to play as kids, like patintero and shato. After that, we did the flashmob to the tune of Rumpshaker (Check, baby, check!). For the reception, Mariz Umali of GMA 7 and Randii Ponciano introduced our new godparents. We still had some traditions like speeches but for other traditions like cake cutting, dancing, toasting, we decided to do all in under 60 seconds.

Madaliang cake cutting!
We were still chewing the cake when we were dancing...for like 20 seconds.
We chugged those pretty fast! Haha!
In between, we had a prenup video made by Ian Cruz, a same day edit by Wang Videography and a T is for Thank You video edited like the opening of How I Met Your Mother, to the tune of 90s TV shows. It showcased all the people we loved and thanked.

I can blab on and on about the wedding elements (because there’s more!) but you might find it way too long already. In a nutshell, we simply had the time of our lives during our wedding day. And like little kids who played and played all day, Marc and I went home exhausted but with silly smiles glued to our faces. 

I hope we inspired you for your very own nuptials! 

Do you know of a rebellious wedding we should feature to inspire others? Just holler! Follow us at twitter @rebelliousbride or email us at :)


Mica TuaƱo-Fuentes


  1. I've thought about holding a wedding at RONAC, and you've executed a lot of the things I wanted to do, right down to the curly hairstyle, wooden box centerpieces, versa-dresses and singing performances by friends. Congratulations, from a Rebellious Bride kindred spirit (I'm actually a wannabe, since I'm not getting married any time soon but that ain't stopping me from perusing blogs such as yours).

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your comment :)

    By all means, please do read our blog! Keep visualizing your rebellious wedding until it comes to its fruition :)


  3. Hey there! Thank you so much and I applaud you for knowing what you want early on. That in itself makes you a rebellious bride-to-be :) Oh, and just between the two of us (and everyone reading this), I had a folder entitled wedding pegs waaaaay before I got a ring on my finger. Hehe. So just keep posted for more rebellious inspirations ;)


  4. I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks and for the longest time, I felt so alone in executing a DIY wedding. I'm so happy to have read this post. It gives me more confidence to just go with what makes me happy! :)

  5. Hi Anonymous #2,

    How exciting for you! Savor every moment and we wish you all the best. Don't forget to email us about your DIY wedding haha :)


  6. deym. i love your blog! i love everything in here! the proposal made me cry, the wedding pictures and ideas left me in awe! bat ngayon ko lang nakita tong blog mooo?!!!

    1. hey lorena! glad you love it! :) marami pa kameng pasabog sa blog! haha! thanks for the support ha :)