One Month after 9.10.11 (Part 1)

Photo by Mango Red
It's been a month since our wedding day! So I just had to celebrate with a blog! (So much exclams!)

We wanted our big day to be reflective of our personalities and our relationship. So naturally, we wanted it to be playful! We came up with a playful romantic theme inspired by the movie Little Rascals. As the movie says, “mischief loves company!”  And we do have lots of mischief lovin’ family and friends.

Throughout the entire preparation, Marc and I did everything hand in hand (and sometimes even holding hands). He was very involved and had the most awesome ideas (the flash mob and wedding traditions in 60 sec. are some of his ideas).  I was really proud of him for always having the enthusiasm to brainstorm with me.

We came up with Little Rascals because Darla and Alfalfa went through a lot, just like us! There were differences, like boys being stinky and girls being all sugar ‘n spice, but they found something in common.  There were obstacles, but they eventually ended up together.  Plus, Marc can wiggle his ear like Alfalfa! (See Marc's wiggly ears in our SDE at 2:05. Hehe.)

Click Read More to come out & play with us!

The Preps

Marc and I decided to not do our preps in a hotel. Mostly because we wanted save. Haha! No, seriously, we didn't see the point of doing so since our purply condo would be perfect for the photos and Marc just wanted to be in a relaxed environment with his family. By doing this, the photographers were able to capture a lot of elements that were very "us" instead of just being limited to what the hotel had to offer.

I felt like crying during the first fitting! Out of joy, of course!

The Gown

When I briefed Sassa Jimenez about my gown, I forgot to bring my mood board. But she knew me well and she knew I love the color purple. I gave the freehand to design my gown. The only parameter was for it to be ballerina-ish (tulle...glorious tulle!) and for my gown to have a secret pocket. According to Sassa, she had a blast doing my gown. It seemed very apparent during my fittings. I also enjoyed the whole process.

I love the cute little ruffles! My gown was a sweetheart cut but had a sheer, ruched asymmetrical strap.
Purple tulle fluff (I have no idea what to call that) and my purple train! LOVE!
The final product!

Sassa J added a little bit of beadwork for sparkle ;)

I embellished my Ziggy & Zooey ballet flats for the reception.

I matched my gown with Melissa shoes in Amazona. Very me.

I also wore a headpiece made by good friend Bonsai Fojas of Bonne.

The Suit

Pre-Mica, Marc would only wear black. He also has numerous possessions in black. Naturally, he chose a black suit. But since I was in his life, he has adapted to color. He had two bowties in aqua & purple (our color motif) and Nike sneakers in aqua.

I made that heart boutonniere with buttons for, Marc.

Marc wore a TopMan bowtie during the ceremony.
Aqua sneaks with purlple shoe lace for the reception

The Attire

For the girls, they were asked to wear Ballerina Chic inspired dresses (very Darla) or any purple dress. The boys were asked to be in suit and sneakers. We were very happy that all the boys and girls looked so awesome and amazing!

My bridesmaids wore lilac infinity dresses with tulle made by Gretchen Pichay and ballerina headbands by Bonne.

The secondary sponsors (one if which is Kai) wore a purple version of the infinity dress.

My sisters, mom and Bindi wore purple dresses made by Mel Orlina.
Mel Orlina also did the gown for Marc's mom, sister and our other flower girl, Michelle.
My cousin, Peachy, even changed the style of her infinity gown for the reception :)

Everyone looked super cute!

Tomorrow, I'll share more photos on the wedding venue, the styling, the highlights of the day and more! For now, it's time to come home to my hubby :) 

One month! Weeeee!

Mica TuaƱo-Fuentes

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