Rebellious Bride - Ellen
Rebellious Bride Ellen Celis-Timbol's officiator's first words at the start of their ceremony was: "This is the height of wedding innovation". Their photographer, BlackTie Project wrote in their blog: "So far this is the coolest wedding we have covered" 

Looking at this wedding gown right here and you might wonder--what is so rebellious about this wedding? Let me tell you---the bride was SO rebellious in fact that she defied the usual bridal gown hullabaloo and donned a TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESO GOWN (for the 25% of our International readers, that's FIFTY SIX US DOLLARS). and
And that's not all my friends. She wouldn't settle for anything less than BLACK OUTFITS for all the guests and the entourage. You think that's already the height of her rebelliousness? No my dears--she asked everyone and we mean everyone to DANCE on the aisle--and that includes the pastor. And what of the bride? No, not a dance. She was a SINGING REBELLIOUS BRIDE who walked down the aisle.

Ellen wrote to us with this awesome email: 

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and I was inspired to share our rebellious wedding :)

...Since Christian weddings are more relaxed and have lesser restrictions, I opted for a modern entourage entrance during the ceremony.  The whole cast, from pastors, principal sponsors, secondary, bridesmaid and the bearers all danced to the tune of Pink Life and Ever After while marching to their seats.

From L-R: The Dancing Best Man, The Groom, and the Father of the Bride
The Dancing and Super Duper Game, Principal Sponsors
L-R: The Dancing Secondary Sponsors, The Mother of the Bride, and more Secondary Sponsors

The Groovy Ring Bearer

While I was waiting for my turn, the feeling was super kilig hearing the cheers of the guests while each one from my entourage render their best dance steps.  I was even tempted to get in and have a look of what's going on.  I think everyone was in their wild mood.  When the pastor started, he said "This is the height of wedding innovation" Kilig! =)
...We didn't have any traditions- no cake slicing, wine toasting, money dance nor the lengthy speeches from relatives and friends. and
With our 5 hour limit to use the venue- we were able to have our ceremony, reception and after party all in 5 hours.  This also includes the chika and going around for pictures with everyone who celebrated the special day with us.  All in all, if I will do our wedding again, I will still do the same thing- :))  

By the way, I opted to march with my P2,500 worth of wedding gown while my hubby wore a coat which looks more like a jacket. :))

We were so intrigued by this wedding that we just had to know more about it!

Rebellious Brides: Since there were a lot of "non-traditional" aspects of your wedding, what were the challenges that you had to face while planning and how did you overcome it?

1st Challenge: Parents were against the black motif - Maybe it was the first time they've heard of it.  But since we were firm on sticking with it, then everyone else supported us :)

The oldies were initially against the black motif--but it turned out to look quite rebelliously beautiful, don't you agree? =P

2nd Challenge: Asking the entourage to dance during the ceremony- My lola was so concerned that the ceremony might not be solemn as what marriages should be.  But with the backup of my auntie's who were excited to see my cousins dance too- it was easy to sway them ;)

3rd Challenge: The elders wanted me to wear a veil and a gown with a long train on the wedding ceremony - But I already imagined myself walking on the aisle without a veil and with a simple gown. 

RB: Any shout-outs to the awesome people/suppliers who made your creative wedding possible?

Thank you to BlackTie Project, Thet Hernandez of RTJ Photo and Chug Cadiogan's Reel Deal team! They suppa rock! Of course the rock and roll lights and sounds provided by Elmer of Rejectrkew and to our ever energetic coordinators Once A Bride.  I might not have had the best wedding if not for these suppa suppliers!  They all rock!
RB: What makes you a "rebellious bride" ?  

Maybe I just wanted things done the way I want it.  I really didn't care too much if people would frown or would ask me to do things that I didn't like.  In my mind, I knew what I wanted, I spent for it and prepared for it.  I wanted to celebrate the big day with my loved ones without stress :)

RB: What can you advice to brides who may be having second thoughts about planning a "creative" wedding? 

Follow your heart. Up until now, I still get praises from people who've seen the actual wedding, who've seen the blogs and the photos that say we had a super fun wedding.  And that was what we wanted.  If I listened to the opinion of other people, I might have been unhappy during the wedding.

I end this feature with Rebellious Bride Ellen's photo with her parents. A picture that even WE are proud of because it is the look of a bride who will NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS. 

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