Fun Wedding Playlist Ideas

No two brides are ever alike. Much less FOUR? Our little group for instance, has four ex-brides who can't be any different. Our friends Nina Tanchanco-Cuenca and Anna Montenegro-Antonino were obviously the sophisticated, elegant, chic brides. Mica and I on the other hand, are just plain TOPAK. Haha! But no matter how extreme our weddings all were, we DID manage to agree on one thing--and that was to have rebellious wedding music. 

Gone are the days of super duper formal, traditional wedding music. 

Your "wedding soundtrack" is a great way to personalize and pump up your big day. If you are even afraid to incorporate anything rebellious in your wedding, this would be the best way to channel it.

Since our little group represents virtually four types of brides, you are sure to pick up an idea or two with the music we each decided on to be part of our weddings :)

Create a theme around your music

Nina Tanchanco-Cuenca, wed in January of 2010
had a "Chocolates & Strawberries" wedding theme at Tagaytay Highlands Midlands. 

Photo by Pat Dy
 Even her wedding music had a theme on its own--she called it "Kisses". So it first started with a rendition of "Kissing" by Bliss which transitioned to Desiree's "Kissing You" for the bridal walk. Nina says: "I chose the song Kissing simply because it sounded blissful. The bridal song is one of our favorite songs since Romeo+Juliet is one of our favorite movies. I surprised Mix with this bridal song :)"

Inspiration from Animation 

Anna, wed in May of 2010
had a "Peach & Birdcage" wedding theme. 

For their couple's entrance, she chose "Married Life" from the Pixar animation movie, "UP!". Apart from the fact that the song was perfectly titled "Married Life", Anna also opted for the song because she liked the kind of marriage Mr. Fredrickson and his wife Ely had. "And to have the UP Jazz Ensemble, with its 21-piece orchestra play it for me live was really cool for me", Anna adds.  

DIY Music

Kai Palileo-Cruz, wed in February of 2011
had a "Bora Hop/White-with-Pops-of-Color" wedding theme in Boracay.

Photo by Mango Red

Using her Macbook's Garage program, she personally edited and made her own wedding mix of Vitamin String Quartet's version of Queen's "Somebody to Love" which dramatically climaxed to Glee's version of the same song when it was the Bride's time to walk down the white, powdery aisle. "I personally chose Somebody to Love because I  felt that it was my own life's anthem--that someday I will be 'free'--and that this day was 'it'. And this also appropriately went well with my vows wherein I told my husband 'Thank you for saving me'. Likewise, my husband started his vows by saying 'Before I met you, I was broken'. I chose to personally mix the song together because I am just very "Ock-ock" (O.C.) that way. I'd rather have the music rendered by the actual artists than for it to be killed by someone else--plus we didn't have the budget to fly a glee club ;)", Kai explains.

Cy + Kai - The Ceremony from Kai Palileo-Cruz on Vimeo.

A Tribute to The First Date 

Mica Tuano-Fuentes, wed in September of 2011
had a "Love Play/Little Rascals/Ballerina Chic/Purple/DIY" wedding theme
at the Ronac Art Center.

Photo by Mango Red
For her bridal entrance, she had Beng Calma-Alcazaren of Drip render her own version of "Universe" by Rico Blanco. "Marc used to sing this to me a lot because he says 'he's the lucky one' when he met me. So I decided to get a girl for my version of the song, because he can thank his stars all he wants but I'll always be the lucky one :)", Mica muses. 

The Rebellious Newly Weds! from Kai Palileo-Cruz on Vimeo.

Here are more songs which I'd also like to personally recommend: 

1.  Cull your inspiration from Romantic Comedy movies like Jerry Maguire's "Secret Garden" by Bruce Springsteen. Evey time I hear this song, it just really makes me feel giddy, with butterflies in my stomach, and with the occasional "awww" 

2. Take a cue from Anna and challenge a string quartet to learn a new song. A song that really makes me feel all the wedding-excitement-rush pour in is Vitamin String Quartet's version of U2's "All I Want is You" 

3. Another awesome idea is to get a girl to sing a Coldplay or a Keane song.  It becomes so much more soulful and emotional that way. An example of this is Tanya Chua's version of Coldplay's Yellow. "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you" -- imagine walking down the aisle with those lines? :)

 Need further convincing? Featured Rebellious Bride Nadine and her groom entered their reception to Metallica's Enter the Sandman. Rebellious Groom Duane on the other hand, INSISTED on playing Darthvader's Death March song.

Four girls, four different wedding tastes--all are united rebelliously when it comes to changing the rules of wedding music :)

What songs would you include in your own wedding soundtrack?



  1. I love our wedding "mix-tape". Every time I hear our songs, it transports me to that very day. The feeling, the giddiness, the excitement, the love, all shivers down my spine...

  2. Beng was supposed to mash-up "Universe" and "Balisong" (because the line "Never in my life have I been more sure" is spot on). BUT the aisle was so short she didn't get to that part. It was awesome nonetheless!

    Btw, I know of a bride who walked the aisle to a slow version of Dancing Queen. The slow versions of Flashdance would also be amazing! Or Abba songs! Di ba? Di ba? Ang saya lang!


  3. sad to say i think some churches in Manila issued a rule that ONLY canon in D would be used for the entourage march and ONLY "tantantanan" would be used for the bridal march or any other liturgical song. boohoo

    one and only you by parokya ni edgar is super sweet. we did "marry your daughter" by brian mcknight as the groom's song (di daw yun entourage song). :)

  4. I forgot to mention that we hired a band to have their own arrangement of the songs - using violin and spanish guitar. All of our chosen songs for the ceremony and reception were actually rearranged. That way, no matter how many times the same songs get used in other weddings, we can say that our versions were unique and specially made for us :)

  5. -via facebook-

    Awesome entry with all you creative ladies:) and all soooo pretty! Proud moment! maybe someday I'll be a rebellious bride too. Lol!

  6. @Tinkikay - If that's the case then A Rebellious Bride should choose a church based on what she can dictate and not the other way around. Hear that ladies?!

  7. We entered our reception to "Yellow" by Coldplay, had our first dance to "Brighter than Sunshine" by Aqualung and chose "Flowers in the Window" by Travis for our SDE. Britpop all the way!

  8. My bridal march was the kundiman Ikaw by Miguel "Mike" Velarde (that is to say, NOT the Ikaw by Regine Velasquez version hahaha), which surprised a lot of people who knew me cos they thought I'd march in some grunge 90s song or an R&B song. But I heard the song sung live during a Bravo Filipino event and it gave me goosebumps. :)

    Our reception entrance song was supposed to either be John Cena's or Triple H's entrance songs but we decided it was a little too violent-sounding (even though we really really liked it, plus it was a inside joke with friends) so we ended up with This Is How We Do it in the A just cos it had a really fun beat and was fun to dance to! :D

    Our first dance started with Sinosikat's Magic and ended with Sexy Can I by Ray-J, again, just cos it was fun that way (no waltzing, we ended the whole first-dance thing dancing hip-hop!)

    so basically our theme was... just whatever it was that we liked and what reflected how we were feeling about the whole wedding: Happy and having loads of fun!

  9. @kai - true, it should be something that you ask the church when you inquire if they have available dates and times. :) btw, our entrance/production number/first dance is a mashup and rearranged for us. brides often just give a songlist when we can do so much more to customize the songs and make it unique to our events. :)

  10. This brings back happy memories of choosing the songs for our wedding. For our church processional, we had the Philippine Madrigals do a hummed rendition of The Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere", and for the recessional, they sang "Til There Was You", another Beatles classic.

    For our reception entrance, our entourage danced to "You Make My Dreams" (by Hall and Oates). We made our grand entrance during the second stanza of the song. It also doubled as our first dance. :)

    I fell in love with remake of "Flashdance (What a Feeling)", so we chose that for our SDE. Happy memories!