No this is not about a basketball-themed wedding haha. Mica and I are not Atenians but if there's one thing about Ateneo that I find inspiring, it's their "One Big Fight" mantra which I'd like to apply here in Rebellious Brides.

Just the other day, we published a blog post that is meant to create awareness that Bride Bullying exists and we want it stopped. Let me ask you this--before Rebellious Brides, before Bridal Book, before Bride and Breakfast, where do you get your fix of wedding creativity? I get mine from US-based blog: Green Wedding Shoes. However, we know that no matter how much Filipina brides try to apply creative ideas found in blogs from a different part of the planet, the culture, the tradition, and the hold of parents and relatives are just very different around here. That's why these blogs can only be that--an inspiration, but sadly, not necessarily applied.

HOWEVER, we hope that you guys can change this. Are your wedding ideas worth the fight? We say it is. It's not just about the wedding and being able to execute what you want--it's about INDEPENDENCE.

As an inspiration, I'd like to show you one of the most creative and beautiful weddings I have seen recently in Green Wedding Shoes. We hope that looking at weddings like this could give you enough courage to own up to your wedding.

The Pixel Cowboy Wedding by Brit & Dave

Photos lifted from Green Wedding Shoes, Photography by David Stubbs

They were both geeky--as in worked at Google, lived in Silicon Valley, geeky. So how amazing is it that they've found an entire theme from PIXEL? This wedding has so many BRILLIANT ideas! Check it out!

The boys and girls of the entourage were styled so beautifully! The girls wore a tutu skirt, 
layered with denim vests and awesome cowboy boots! They held "pixelated" hear-shaped
wooden signages that says "Here Comes the Bride", "Love", "Laugh"

The couple wed in a beautiful, quaint, chapel. I know that most Filipina Brides also dream
of marrying in a simple chapel like this--but just don't have the courage to do it

The bouquet was the perfect symbol of the creative theme--flowers made out of wood 
with a handle designed with a "pixelated" pattern.

Everything was just "pixelated"! :D

Instead of a cake, the couple opted to have a cupcake station and made it into a competition! 

Instead of a guest book, guests had to "blog" about the wedding.

The styling of the ceiling was just 
"pixelatedly" chic and beautiful! 

It's weddings like this that you know your wedding is worth fighting for--again, because it is YOUR WEDDING.

Their video is just so sweet! Watch it here:

The Bride, Brit, is a firm believer of creativity and innovation! 
Check out her site by clicking HERE :)

Over the course of wedding preps, some couples have just decided to give up their fight and surrender to what family or friends would rather have in the wedding. We are not saying that you should cause conflict, but all we are saying is, learn to become independent and to fight for your big day and make them realize that this is a fight your should rightfully win. Learn to be creative not just in your ideas but also in your approach to the negative vibes. Think of guerilla tactics if you have to! Play the game. It's a "Game of Thrones" and YOU should win it.

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Mica and I are one in this special cause.
And we dedicate this to you, our dear Rebellious Bride. 

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  1. "The Good Fight is the one we Fight because our heart asks it of us.The Good Fight is the one that’s fought in the name of our dreams." -- Paulo Coelho

    thank you RB kai & mica

    O-N-E B-I-G F-I-G-H-T! :)