Rebellious Bride Rachelle - Trashes Her Veluz

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"The upper sheer layer got slightly detached from the gown's bodice from all the hand raising and arms stretching which I did during the shoot. 

It was raining when we started out in the afternoon and I've been dragging my dress around muddles of dirty water which soaked up the hemlines. 

We even have to lie down on some parts. It got really maputik at the end of the shoot. Dry cleaning didn't take the dirt stains away."

Rebellious Bride Rachelle on how trashed 
her gown got during their "Trash the Dress" shoot

Trashing the dress is quite liberating. It's not just about the "cool bride" who doesn't care about her dress per se. Essentially it's really about letting your guard down. The wedding is over, all the preps and having to be proper all the time are long gone. Now it's just time to let go and have fun. I've seen some trash the dress sessions that don't even look like the dress was trashed--some just look like post-nuptial shoots. So I urge everyone to be truthful to the word TRASH the dress. LET GO. GET WILD. BE REBELLIOUS. 

Take for example Rachelle and Rolly's trash session! A VELUZ gown at that! What would Veluz say to this? Haha! 

Rebellious Brides: What made you think of having a trash the dress session?

Rachelle: Usually a postnup shoot conjures more often than not, the thought of being garbed in your wedding dresses and frolicking around not minding to get wet, dirty and all the non-glamorous things which goes with it. Probably that is why not many are into the idea of doing Trash the Dress. More so, when the couple invested a lot of money into the dress. I'd say, invested, as some people will really splurge on wedding gowns as they would on investments.

And since I fell in love with my (Veluz) wedding gown, why not immortalize it even more by doing a trash the dress. It will be such a shame to wear it just once. Handing it down to future generations might not be a good idea as the trend will definitely change at that time. It will just remain in the closet as something good to look at or if you feel like having a walk-down memory-lane once in a while. So, yes we didn't think twice of doing a trash the dress session in Singapore which will be our resident country in the coming years. And it was a decision which we didn't regret.

RB: What makes you a rebellious bride?

Pulling off not-so-usual poses during the Trash the Dress session wearing a heavy gown and in my stilettos at that makes me feel rebellious. I cannot be dissuaded even by my husband who was left with no choice but to scratch his head at my persistence. We stood atop of the bridge and made our way to the boat's side not minding if we are only stepping on a mere piece of solid material.

RB: Did you have some rebellious elements in your wedding and in your prenup session?

We did try to incorporate elements in my wedding which are not the usual stuff e.g flower girls wearing tutu-like skirts; Cinderella game being played on the reception program; doing away the tradition slow dance number and instead we made it modern; doing our own wishing tree; etc.

Trash sessions are so much fun. I did one during our own wedding when I literally plunged into a pool, an hour before the dinner/reception (Click HERE for related article). 

Do you have other ideas for trash sessions? We'd love to know. We've seen a bride in the US who literally painted her gown pink. Is that something your are bold enough to do? 

To see more of Rachelle's trash session, click the pic below :)

Click HERE

Watch out for one of our Rebellious shoots at Pontefino where Rebellious Bride Mica trashed her own gown too! 

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