Rebellious Couple - Ramon & Vina : The Robots & Kombis Wedding

Photos by Paolo Feliciano
"I guess because I just went for what Ramon and I really wanted; putting aside what people expect from us and of a wedding. In the end, we had a wedding that is truly ours that all guests enjoyed. Until now, I still get giddy hearing people talk about how much fun they had during the wedding. So did our wedding rock, no…it was C.R.A.Z.Y."

Rebellious Bride Vina Cruz-Rodriguez
on their Rebellious Robots & Kombis Wedding

I LOVE THIS REBELLIOUS WEDDING, PERIOD. The creativity and the texture are just in a whole other level. So because I really think this wedding is so special, I wanted someone close to the couple, be the one to sum everything up. 

So as the couple's best friend (who also walked down the aisle with that clever entourage role) Anna Antonino would put it: "This wedding is a spin on beauty and the geek. Seemingly mismatched individuals coming together perfectly. Just like their theme."

We've waited for this wedding for so long (well, just a little over a month or so--but we were excited!), so let's get on with the show!

Rebellious Brides: What were the elements of your wedding that were of the "Rebellious Kind"

The Theme: Robots and Kombis - I collect VW Kombi toys. And why robots? Well, the groom thinks he is one.

The Invitation – We decided to make it a comic strip of our story. Cheesy? This has been tamed. Wait till you see the unedited version!

The Bridal Car – We got lucky because we found a VW Kombi that matches our motif.

The Bride’s hairpiece matching the Groom's – To match the robot theme, my hairpiece and the groom’s boutonniere were made from copper wires and auto-botic hardware

The Groom’s cuff links are designed like Cybermen from the TV series Dr Who.

The Bride’s shoe charms are actually VW Kombi cuff links.

Our wedding rings were made to look like robot eyes

Escort Cards – We gave our guests robot names! Then we attached a pin of the robot + bride on the kombi which they can keep as a souvenir from our wedding.

Instead of a guest book, we printed our pre-nup pics to poster size where we asked guests to write their message for us.

Ramon and I both didn’t want to say a vow because it’s just not us. Instead, we asked a friend to read a poem we chose.

RB: Since there were a lot of "non-traditional" aspects of your wedding, what were the challenges that you had to face while planning and how did you overcome it?

The single hardest aspect of our wedding were the pre-nup pictures. Looking at the trend in pre-nup pictures today, which tend to show the couple in exaggerated circumstances, we decided to just go all the way and blue-screen everything. Which as it turned out is harder than it sounds lol.

Each picture is themed around an interest we share, board games, TV shows, etc. There’s no connection at all to Robots or Kombis, but we knew they would be instantly recognizable to our guests and friends.

 The theme itself was difficult to pull off, the biggest challenge was how to not make it kiddie. I mean its toy cars and robots, bright blue and red colors. Thankfully Passion Cooks, our caterer / event stylist did a superb job in setting up and decorating our venue. It did not look kiddie at all, and we received many compliments on the modern and fun, yet elegant and stylish set-up.

RB: Any shout-outs to the awesome people/suppliers who made your creative wedding possible?

As mentioned, big thanks to our awesome caterer, Passion Cooks who styled the venue as well. Kudos to Maja Martinez.

Tippi Ocampo. During our initial meeting, Ramon and I already fell in love with her ideas. The bead patterns were inspired by The Matrix, while using a platinum dress inspired by metallic robots. Oh and of course, the fascinator! It was in collaboration with Ming Ong. From the fascinator, I decided to ask Ming to make a matching boutonniere for Ramon.

Big thanks to Just like Ours (Queen David and her awesome, awesome team!) for making the planning easy and the day itself stress-free. I was worried about the lack of a rehearsal; as it turned out it wasn’t needed at all.

Thanks Elmer (RejectKrew) for a spectacular job with the sound system, more importantly the lighting which really made the venue very intimate despite the huge space for a small wedding.

Thanks to Marjorie Aznar and Michelle Cabrera for making me look like a bride despite the lack of sleep…and more importantly for putting up with my fickle mind. We changed the hairstyle on the wedding day itself.

And to Ramon. He is the rebellious one! He had more crazy ideas that I HAD to say no to. And thanks to him also for putting together the music for the entire reception. You know the music’s good when people ask for their own copy of the playlist.

RB: What can you advice to brides who may be having second thoughts about planning a "creative" wedding?

"If you really want something, go for it. Even if you think the elements do not match or some things may come out too exaggerated, just do it. You’ll see that everything will fall into place. At the end of the day, it can’t go wrong if it’s about you and your relationship. 

We hope that this rebellious wedding/couple will inspire everyone to accept your individuality and make it your biggest asset to a wonderful, creative wedding. Much thanks to Anna, Vina, and Ramon for sharing this awesome wedding with us! 

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Kai :)
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  3. Hi Chellai, the venue is at Silver City, Libis :)