Rebellious Rides

Literally a "man-made" rebellious ride!
taken from Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy
Bridal cars are one of the most awesome ways you can personalize and create a rebellious twist to your weddings.

Gone are the days of the usual carriages, vintage cars, or traditional luxury rides the likes of a Benz or a BMW. Of course there's nothing wrong with these classic choices if that's really your personality--but if you are only doing it for the status quo or because that's what your parents would approve of--then drop it. Drop it now, and drop it gewd. Because baby, there are so many other rebellious and creative rides you can go for.

How about a bridal ride that gives off an "elopement" wedding vibe? Like you were just swept off of your feet and you are riding off to the sunset with your bad boy? =P

Taken from Rebellious Bunch - Mark Cantalejo

How about a quirky, fun, ride like a Mini Cooper?

Taken from Rebellious Bunch - Nelwin Uy

How about having yourself carried away...

To your own private boat ride?

"By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, you and me..."

Photos by Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy

Or how about a Hippie ride of some Peace, Love, and Harmony? :)

Photo by Paolo Feliciano
Rebellious Bride - Vina

Or perhaps, a macho car? Nothing is sexier than a girl with some kick-ass, manly taste! 

Photo lifted from Rebellious Bunch - Mark Cantalejo

Holy Carabao! How about seamlessly following through with your theme to the hilt? Farm Wedding? Well then, Carabaos are just the thing to take you to your prince!

Photo by Nelwin Uy
Rebellious Bride - Beverly

How about going fast and rebellious?

Photos by Rebellious Bunch - Mango Red

Rebellious Bride Mica, cleverly opted for a PT cruiser which was reminiscent of the go-cart derby contest in Little Rascals wherein Waldo sported a futuristic little car. Her rebellious ride was not only perfect with their Little Rascals / Love Play theme, but it also reflected Mica's fun personality. 

I on the other hand, opted for the most sensible ride in Boracay--a tricycle ride! Most Bora weddings used golf cars as bridal cars--but my wedding was essentially a Bora Hop and it was all about staying true with how my husband and I enjoyed the island so there was really no other practical rebellious ride for me but this! I love that the tricycle also sported upholstered seats with a floral design--it was the perfect touch instead of putting flowers in front of my trike! 

For our June wedding, I super duper wanted to execute a Yellow School Bus as my bridal car, and I wanted all my friends to ride with me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one to rent!

What other rebellious rides would I have opted for? Call me crazy and weird but I would have LOOOOVED to have had a classic 70s love bus, OR a camper, OR an ice cream truck! It's not too late though--anyone who owns one---message us and we'd love to make a rebellious photo shoot! Haha :)


Happy Camper!
An ice cream truck to serve as part of the cocktails for the reception too! :)

Know of other brides who had rebellious rides? Or do you have more ideas for a rebellious ride? We'd love to know! Share it with us :)

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  1. a scooter or a tandem bike would be awesome, too! :D

  2. I would have loved to ride in my dad's pedicab. Hahaha! He has this trusty old pedicab he bought nearly two decades ago out of pity from someone who needed money for an emergency. I would have really loved to dress it up and ride in it as a bride (my mum would have been horribly annoyed again!). Unfortunately, the trip from the second floor hotel room to the ballroom downstairs didn't require any ride at all.