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I don't know what it is about the holidays that make me gravitate towards damask details. I loooove damask patterns! I can stare at a damask wallpaper for HOURS and just get lost in my own swirling thoughts. In our own wedding, we were able to incorporate damask details through our prints, our font, and in our wed-site. But if I had a "December in the City" type of wedding, I would probably go for an all-out damask wedding. There are different ways to create a wedding made out of damask. But if it were a REBELLIOUS damask wedding, here are two mood boards I created for you:

Damask Boldly

L-R: Armani damask bustier gown from, Damask chandelier cookies form and Damask skull pendant from

 I call this mood board "damask boldly" because it is all about putting damask details in things that you wouldn't normally see this pattern on. Think "damasking" the bustier of a bridal gown, or an irreverent damask/skull pendant, or damask cookies! It's all about creating an element of surprise since damask is already very visually obvious--think damask-printed envelopes instead of the usual damask-invitation. Or think damask photobooth props, instead of the usual damask photobooth backdrop! 

 Damask Colorfully

L-R: Damask headband from, Damask pattern from, Damask bouquet from
 I call this mood board "damask colorfully" because when you think of damask, instantly you think of rich, opulent textures that are usually in the darker shades. But damasks can also be playful and quirky! Think mixing and matching Damask with the preppy look for your entourage! Or a festive damask print! Or a bouquet with a charming damask touch. Other quirky details may also include clashing a damask print with stripes, or a white bridal gown with a damask belt or damask pumps! 

Hasmin & Miguel by Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy

Here's an awesome real-life damask wedding taken from Rebellious Bunch - Pat Dy's blog. Miggy & Hasmin literally incorporated their damask detail into everything. The result is a classy wedding with an attitude. Everything was in black and white but together, it looked bold, modern, and chic. The best detail however, was the bride's gown itself. This couple definitely didn't half-ass their theme---they just really followed it through!

Apart from a damask-themed wedding, I can think of about three more rebellious ideas that make for holiday weddings--but I won't share it just yet in the hopes that I'll be able to blog about it soon enough :)
How about you? What kind of wedding do you visualize during the holiday season?

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