Rebellious Tips from Net-a-Porter

Luxury gowns from Net-a-Porter
Have you guys ever tried shopping from Net-a-Porter? If you love or would want to try buying your first luxury, high-ticket item like a pair of Christian Louboutins, Net-a-Porter is the way to go. It's safe, you get to shop for items that are not available locally, and they even ship it to you so nicely--like you've just received a gift from fairy godmother. 

They have a beautiful wedding boutique too. And what I love about Net-a-Porter, is they are all about the modern, fashion forward, rebel bride. Their gowns are anti-traditional, and they even have 25 Tips on how to become a Modern Bride! It's an interesting read! View it here: 

What's your favorite tip? Mine is #15 -- BREAK THE RULES. There are so many ways to shop for your wedding gown---the obvious choice is to get a local designer. Other choices include buying an off-the-rack gown, or making your own by sourcing your own fabrics and having a gown made in Kamuning or Divisoria. Other choices also include customized gowns from Etsy, going all-out with a gown from an International designer. Whatever your decision is, just make sure it's something that speaks of your personality and not something that is being forced down your throat. Net-a-porter is brimming with rebellious yet tasteful ideas! Visit the Net-a-Porter Wedding Boutique for more tips :)

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Mica and I are one in this special cause.
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