Anti-White Part 2

(DISCLAIMER: The title is not meant to be a derogatory term)


Anti-White Gown by Cecilio Abad (Photo by Nelwin Uy)
When we previously wrote about colored bridal gowns (read anti-white), we didn't have enough local references to create a stronger case for those of you out there who are still not convinced with this rebellious plan. But now we'd like to share with you, other real-life brides who have actually donned anti-white gowns!

Anti-White Gown by Veluz

Anti-White Gown by Veluz

Anti-White Gown by Veluz (Photo by Nelwin Uy)

Anti-White Gown by Veluz (Photo by ImageNation)

Anti-White Gown by Rajo Laurel (Photo by Mango Red)

Anti-White Gown by Nat Manilag (Photo by Pat Dy)

If I can do the wedding all-over again (and with our third wedding on the way, nothing is really impossible for me at this point haha), I'd like to wear a turquoise gown. If rebellious bride Mica is in love with purple, I on the other hand love everything turquoise! 

And since we are already daydreaming here, for our tenth year anniversary, I wish to really indulge with my gown. I want it to be gray and I want it to be uber fabulous! Mark my words--someday I'm going to afford my own Vera. Haha :)

Carrie Bradshaw / Sarah Jessica Parker in a Versace Gown
Vera Wang Gray Bridal Gowns
Colored, anti-white bridal gowns are just so much fun and just have so much texture and attitude! I am not saying that white bridal gowns are not beautiful but as I've mentioned before from our anti-white blog, white is not for everyone and society should not dictate the gown's color if white doesn't even fit the personality of the bride. 

Here in Rebellious Brides, we always love to constantly refresh our blog with real-life weddings and brides that would affirm our own beliefs--and that's why we wanted to create an anti-white part 2 blog feature with these gowns that we have scoured from various photog blogs and from Veluz herself. If you know of other brides who have donned colored bridal gowns, share it with us and we'd love to feature a new batch of gowns for a future part 3 feature :)

Special thanks to Veluz for sharing with us these photos. More of Veluz, coming soon :)

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Mica and I are one in this special cause.
And we dedicate this to you, our dear Rebellious Bride. 


  1. -via gmail-

    wow thank you! I'm really honored to be featured in your blog! love it! :-) and I'm sure my brides will be more than thrilled :D

  2. Thank you so much for featuring coloured gowns :D Everytime I pictured myself in a white gown, I felt like I was playing a part and only when I envisioned myself in a gown that didn't look like the typical bridal gown did I feel excited about walking down the aisle. And Veluz - I am so happy to find out that you do coloured gowns espeically since I've got my name down to have my dress hopefully designed by you in 2014 :D

  3. Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for sharing your sentiments and we can't wait to see your future colored Veluz bridal gown! :)


  4. -via facebook-

    Veluz is a creative genius/visionary. Anti-white gowns don't have to be goth or rocker, and Veluz executed a gown in ivory, black and pink with lace, damask and beads. Anti-white can be glamorous and elegant :-)

  5. Yay! Thank you so much for this blog!! Ive been feeling like a sinner ever since i bought my blush pink vera wang gown. My wedding is in a few months and ive literally kept my gown in the dark. No one else has seen it except for my best friend for the fear that people will curse me.. Esp my very conservative lola. Hahaha When i first saw the dress.. I instantly fell in love with it! And then sometime after making the felt like i made a mistake.. Just because its not white...but now im feeling more confident than ever!! I cant wait to see everyones' surprised look when i walk down the aisle. Im so excited! Thanks to you and to this site!!

    1. Hi Mooki!

      A pink Vera gown sounds fabulous! Please do email us at and we'd love to feature your gown :)

      Best wishes on your upcoming wedding day!


  6. ill be having an anti-white gown on my wedding next year! it would be a heavenly pale blue bridal gown! :)

  7. It came with straps (I'm assuming they need to be sewn onto the dress) that are spaghetti straps and a shawl, all of which are the same color as the dress.