Unleash the Rebellious Power of the Universe in Twenty Twelve!

The Rebellious Brides
Photo by Mark Cantalejo
Makeup by Mica Tuano
Head Candies by Bonsai Fojas
Kai's gown by Hindy Weber Tantoco / Mica's gowm by Sassa Jimenez
On Location at Pontefino Batangas

First of all, Happy New Year to our dear Rebellious Brides! There were so many ways on how I could have written this "New Year" post---some of the things that I randomly thought of were: a recap of the 2011 rebellious wedding trends, or a simple greeting from me and Mica, or one, last rebellious post feature to end the year. But as I reflected on what would mean most, to us--and what meaningful post we can pass on to you, one thing in 2011 really stuck to me the most--and that is, how Mica and I both used the power of the law of attraction, positivity, and vision boards to get to where we want to be right now. In 2009-2010, a bunch of us girls, myself and Mica included, set out a goal to be married before 2012....and true enough, each and every one of those gals ARE married already! And boy was 2011 a big year for both me and Mica....how did we do it? We just tried our darnest to stay positive and fight for what we wanted. Sure, we've had some rough patches along the way but we tried to keep on fighting 'till the end (doesn't that sound like a line from "We are the Champions"? hehe). 

Thank You Calligraphy/Artwork by Rebellious Bunch - The Fozzy Book

So as we close one of the biggest and happiest years of our lives EVER, 2012 looks very bright for the Rebellious Brides...we are now at 120,000 pageviews in just 5 months of launching, and we are ushering in the new year with gigs for our Wedding Agency/Wedding Consultancy services, and our very first collaborations/campaigns about to launch in January of 2012. How awesome is that?!?!

We vow to continue using the power of the Universe, the power of the law of attraction, the power of gratitude, and positivity in 2012--and we encourage you to do the same--try it, and see how magical things will just suddenly appear in your lives! 

We can't wait to share so much more rebellious ideas,  so much more rebellious features, and so much more awesome REBELLIOUS BRIDES! So girls, let's fight for YOUR rebellious dream weddings in 2012, remember--no to bride bullying, and stay unique as you can be :)

Photo by MangoRed
Your Rebellious Brides,
Kai & Mica

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