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 Gabby & Tina's very beautiful Rebellious Wedding
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The fireworks have been released, all the well-wishes and hopes for 2012 have been said, and just the other day, photographer Nelwin Uy was already off to his first two weddings of the year. It's back to wedding business our dear Rebellious Brides, and it's always great to start fresh. 

And what better way to start the year with forecasts, right? But lest you think that we are about to force down our trends, colors, and other what-not down your throats, you're wrong. The truth is, I don't care much for forecasts. I find them entertaining, but I don't believe in them.

I don't believe in dictating wedding colors for the year, just to shepherd the majority of brides into a color that will make their weddings look the same as the next. I don't believe in looking at Kate Middleton's gown and exploding the industry with lace, and more lace. So instead, here are our top 3 Rebellious Forecasts, that we think weddings in general are off to this year, on the basis of how we've seen the end of 2011 was unfolding itself to usher in 2012.

1. Rebellious Proposals 

- They say that "uncertain times" bring out the need to profess love, and get married. Whether the end of the world is near or not, the truth is, we can't help but wonder. This is the year where everyone will be trying to accomplish their Bucket Lists, and a time to do grand proposal gestures--and it comes with an equally grand proposal video. One of our closest jeweler friends shared with us that in December alone, he found it so bizarre that he got so many calls from guys who are so eager to get a ring and propose--his family has been in the jewelery business since time and memorial and to him, this was out of the ordinary indeed. The need to document this momentous event has also been strikingly increasing. And why not? A proposal has got to be the most unbelievable moments for a couple. To immortalize it, the same way as the wedding will be immortalized, just makes so much perfect sense.

*Special thanks to Rebellious Bride Christine for the tip :)

2. Rebellious Niche Wedding "Specialists"

- As the need to become rebellious, creative, and unique become more palpable for couples, there will be an increasing need as well to hire niched wedding services. In the media industry, we call this the fragmentation of media. As taste, style, and passion groups become more individualized, this became the reason that the olden days of TV, radio, print have expanded to cable TV, blogs, the iPod, and god-knows-what-else-soon. Much like the media industry,  the wedding industry will also expand to cater to each type of couple. More and more niched wedding services will rise--the intention of which is not to compete with the pillars of the industry---but rather, the intention is to streamline the requirements of couples as they become more complex and detail-oriented. 

Lifestyle by Feliz caters to couples who require a certain taste level when it comes to prenup styling

The Wedding Agency, which is the brainchild of Rebellious Bride Kai & Mica, is NOT wedding planning. Acting as your "wedding consultants" and "wedding creative agency", it is for couples who need purely creative ideas for their wedding that will bring out a more structured, conceptualized, and personalized wedding bible for you, even before the wedding madness begins
{etc} is for couples who want  crafty, handmade goodness that will make their weddings more personal, fun, and creative

3. Rebellious Ownership

Photo by Rebellious Bunch - Toto Villaruel
- If you really still insist on reading up on forecasts for 2012 or wedding trends for 2012 that will be useful for your wedding, what we can only say is: this is the year to CREATE YOUR OWN FEARLESS FORECAST. Why look at the hottest wedding colors, when the most sensible and most personal thing you can do is get inspiration from your OWN favorite colors? Focus on yourself, focus on your style as a couple, close your eyes and listen to what your own heart and creative brain tells you. 

They say Tangerine is the color of 2012.
But I don't give a damn.
I say it's NAVY. How about you?
What's YOUR own 2012 color?
Photo by Rebellious Bunch - Mark Cantalejo
The answer to your own creative wedding is in you. This might sound cheesy but it really is true. Do you think that Rebellious Bride Mica thought up a purple, crafty, Little Rascals wedding because someone told her so? No. She loves purple with a passion, she loves creating things, and Little Rascals simply reflected her and her husband's playful personality. 

Do you think we had a "Bora Hop" just to look "cool" and placed pinwheels instead of flowers for our wedding just because pinwheels were all the rage? No. We got pinwheels for the simple reason that I love Kate Spade so much, that my husband summoned the courage to ask for the free pinwheel props in the stores. And we did the "Bora Hop" just because it was how we enjoyed the island as a couple and we wanted to share it with our loved ones

Like I said, trends, are entertaining. I love buying wedding magazines just for the heck of it--but when it comes to your OWN wedding, carve out your own forecasts, predict your own wedding. You and your groom are the only two people who really know your wedding best.

And in the spirit of encouraging you guys to create your own fearless forecasts, what are YOUR top 3 wedding trends that YOU predict on your own? We'd love to know. Comment away! :)

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