Rebellious Bride Nikki's Triangle Bouquet

Photos by Mango Red
A couple of months ago, we created a teaser out of Nikki & Jason Buensalido's 11-11-11 wedding. Now, we are excited to share with you, what seems to be one of the most rebelliously innovative bouquets we have seen to-date.

Read on to see what Nikki has to say about her "Triangle Bouquet"

Nikki writes:

Thank you so much for featuring my bridal bouquet! I super loved loved loved it and I didnt want to let go of it during the wedding day! haha! :)

It has 2 triangles made with welded flat bar and finished in matte silver automotive paint with Cymbidium flowers. The Bouquet was designed by Leo Almeria. The 3 Golden Yellow Cymbidium flowers were from The Flower Farm and Tita Ging Delos Reyes. The best part of the bouquet is that you can re-use the triangles over and over again for the house. You can even keep on decorating it with fresh flowers again and again and use it as a centerpiece for the house. That way, we are always reminded of November 11, 2011. :)

What makes Nikki's bouquet so awesome apart from  the perfect mix of tradition and innovation is the fact that it is not just about having a creative bouquet per se--it's really about how she and her groom are both architects in the ranks of the freshest breeds of Filipino talents that are making waves in the industry. In other words, the bouquet speaks volumes of both the bride AND the groom. What's even cooler about the triangle idea is that the couple is also incorporating it in their new home which is also being finalized to have triangle details/installations. Such a beautiful and rebellious bride (and groom) with such a unique eye for detail.

Here in Rebellious Brides, we are a little bit biased when it comes to alternative bouquets. If you had one for your wedding, share it with us at :)

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