Rebellious Weddings of 2011

The so-called "Best Weddings of 2011" is just a disguise for "Best CELEBRITY Weddings and Best Weddings w/ High-Profiled Surnames of 2011".  It's like high school all-over again. Sorry. You're just not popular enough to be the Prom King and Queen. And Sorry--you're just not royalty or a Kardashian so we don't think the Pixel Cowboy Wedding featured at Green Wedding Shoes is "best of 2011" material (notice the International references so as not to step on the local scene but we all know that this happens in our country damn too much).

So much like our own Wedding Forecast of 2012 which we made on our own, we're also listing down our own most Rebellious Weddings of 2011. How many weddings have you attended in 2011? Out of all those weddings, how many were creative/unique/rebellious? Our intention here is not to boast or to create a popularity poll. Our intention here is simply to encourage and inspire other brides to take the road less traveled. We've created various categories here as well. In some categories, you'll see past Rebellious Brides we have featured, some ideas from our own weddings as well, and from new Rebellious Brides/Weddings that we are just about to feature--again, the intention is not to boast, but to inspire so you can grab ideas---note however that we don't condone "copycats"---what we would like is for you to get inspired by the ideas so that you can make it your own. Let's start!

Rebellious Weddings of 2011 - Based on Prenups

 Left Photo: The Neo-Filipino Prenup photographed by Mitch Mauricio
Right Photo: The Love Play Prenup photographed by Mango Red

1. The "Tanan" & "Artistahin" Prenup

Based on Online Wedding Curators

 This wedding was one of the most viewed and most popular at Green Wedding Shoes for quite a while. And it's not a surprise why. Click the pic below to see this super creative wedding! 

Photo by David Stubbs

 Not trying to be "feeling" or anything, I have an email from Wedding Guide Asia's Stephanie Chai to back it up :)

Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Photos by Mango Red

3. Shakespeare in Love - Bride & Breakfast

Janna Simpao of Bride & Breakfast writes: "In this age of creativity and practical budgets, DIY is a bride’s best friend. Loving the details on this crazy artistic affair. Marco and Corinne’s wedding day looked like a scene from a modern and quirky Shakespearean play–now that’s what you call character! Cheers to artists, poets and love." Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Photo by Pat Dy

4. The Peacock Wedding - Bridetastic

Cathy Lao of Bridetastic singled out Lorely & AJ's wedding for her "ridiculously beautiful" Vatel bouquet, her "pretty unique" Marc Rancey gown and her Peacock DIY projectsClick the pic below to read the link! :)

Photo by Paul Vincent 

5. The "Childhood" Wedding - Bridal Book
Keisha Uy of Bridal Book writes: "Gen & Jardine made their big day a one-of-a-kind affair that celebrated everything they love and enjoy". Click the pic below to read the link! :)

Based on Wedding Innovators

The Lady Gaga Wedding - Photo by Mark Cantalejo
1.  Photographer Mark Cantalejo says:

 "The Gaga-inspired wedding! The bride didn't care what her peers would say. Basta she went for it cuz she wanted it!"

2. The Bridal & Entourage Swimsuits - Hindy Weber Tantoco's Bride 

Upon the request of the bride, photos of their wedding are not allowed to be publicized, but according to the designer, her bride had a beach wedding, and it was the first time that she was commissioned to do maillot swimsuits for the entourage and the bride! How rebellious, fun, and fearless is that!

Photo from
3. Photographer J Lucas Reyes says:

"Yours? (Referring to Rebellious Bride Kai's Wedding), Okay, besides yours, Rissa & Paolo Trillo's wedding."

"Beyond Words" is how J Lucas Reyes described it in Vatel's blog.  

Dylan Gozum of Vatel agrees with J Lucas Reyes and says: "I think Rissa Mananquil's wedding to Paolo Trillo was rebellious in a way that both of them were very into the whole wedding preps, both of them had a very clear vision of how they wanted their wedding to be, and that they insisted - every step of the way - to have things done according to reflect their personalities. :-)"

We are halfway into the categories. Read on! :)

Based on Gowns

1. The Lady Gaga Collection 
Rebellious Bride Coie's Wedding / Couture by Lord Maturan - Need we say more?

Photo by Mark Cantalejo

L-R: Photos - RTJ  (P2,500 gown), Paolo Feliciano (Matrix Gown)
2. The P2,500 Gown
This falls on our list for the idea behind the gown. In this couture-obsessed society wherein gowns are in the six figures, Rebellious Bride Ellen had a gown made in Divisoria for only P2,500. Screw everybody else and what they have to say, right? 
3. The Matrix Gown
Rebellious Bride Vina's gown was really a tribute to her geeky groom more than anything. True to their "Robots & Kombis" themed wedding, Designer Tippi Ocampo created a Platinum gown for the bride, with bead work that was meant to look like the Matrix. 

4. The Eyelet Gown 
Rebellious Bride Didi, commissioned designer Michi Calica to create a head-to-toe eyelet gown for her wedding. It was simple, comfortable, pretty, and unique! Perfect for her picnic-themed wedding.

Photo by Rebellious Bunch - Toto Villaruel

5. The Bridesmaids in Jumpsuits   
 In Bojo & Maye Wong's Wedding, the Bride opted for her bridesmaids to wear jumpsuits--and they looked fab! Such a refreshing idea to behold at the "aisle runway".

Based on Bouquet Alternatives
All photos that fall under this category are by MangoRed. Hmmm..what does this say about our ultimate Rebellious Gang? Hehe :)
1. RB Kai & Mica's Bouquets

Rebellious Bride Kai's Brooch Bouquet was made by her friend. All the vintage enamel pieces were carefully auctioned from eBay, and the Bride also added a few pieces of hers. 

Rebellious Bride Mica's Buttons & Felt Bouquet on the other hand, was a "group effort" from  her bridesmaids, to her sisters, to herself, and was then put together by Stylist and friend Badang Rueda.

2. Jolina Magdangal's Wand Bouquet
Rebellious Celebrity Bride Jolina Magdangal's Wand Bouquet was just perfect for her Hippie/Picnic/Fairy/Pixie-ish Wedding! The beautiful baby's breath bouquet was created by no other than Teddy Manuel. 

3. Nikki Buensalido's Steel Triangle Bouquet
Rebellious Bride Nikki's Triangle Bouquet designed by Leo Almeria is definitely a reflection of her and her groom Jason Buensalido's new breed of innovative, architectural talents!

Based on Anti-Reception Venues

Photo by Mango Red

1. Ronac's Basketball Court "The Playground"

More popularly used as a prenup location venue, The Ronac Art Museum had its first-ever wedding last 9-10-11 for Rebellious Bride Mica's Little Rascals wedding! In keeping with the theme, the reception was done at the museum's basketball court called the Playground. 
Photo by Mango Red
2. La Cocina de Tita Moning

For Rebellious Bride TJ, her choice of venue was gonna be about the theme and the food more than anything. She opted to go "anti-reception" for the simple reason that her theme was Vintage and she didn't want to half-ass her theme--she wanted to be authentic with it by really bringing the wedding in a real vintage restaurant. Food is also very important to her and her groom so La Cocina de Tita Moning was the most sensible choice. 

Photos by Metro Photo

3. The Winebar

For Rebellious Bride Didi and Rebellious Groom Duane, an "inspired" venue with "no-brainer" good food were their topmost priorities for their reception venue. At the heart of El Pueblo, and at the second floor of Chateau 1771's Cafe is the home to the Soho-worthy Winebar that has that signature gastronomic dishes the restaurant group is known for.
Photo by Rebellious Bunch - Toto Villaruel

4. Hardrock Cafe

Guests asked them twice and thrice just to make sure they heard it correctly, but Rebellious Bride Michee didn't care if people had doubts with her anti-reception venue that was Hardrock Cafe. 

Photo by Ian Santillan

5. Holy Carabao Farm 
It was a logistically challenged venue but Rebellious Bride Beverly was not the type to give up. Her wedding was Farm-themed and so it had to be done in a real farm. Designer Hindy Weber Tantoco suggested for them to do the wedding at Sta. Elena's Holy Carabao Farm, and the rest was history.

Photos by Nelwin Uy

Based on Overall Concepts & Ideas
The ones who made it into this category are solely based on the fact that they really went all out with their highly conceptualized themes. In other words, don't half-ass your ideas.

1. The Medieval Wedding
Click the pic below to see this wedding :)

2. The Robots & Kombis Wedding
 Click the pic below to see this wedding :)

Photo by Paolo Feliciano

3. The Dancing Black Wedding  

Chris & Ellen SDE from Bryan Ignacio on Vimeo.

"A Lifetime of Rebelliousness Award" goes to...
MANGO RED - for perfecting the art of making Rebellious Weddings look so damn gorgeous.  

As we close this 2011 list, we want you to know that we constantly hunt down a lot of resources to look for the most Rebellious Brides and Wedding Ideas. To be quite honest, it's still very few. But there's also been an improvement and we're optimistic that there will be more in 2012. But we also encourage everyone to find inspiration from within. While the weddings of 2011 are inspiring, it would even be more meaningful if you can make your future weddings rebelliously and uniquely your own. 

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Did we completely forget other rebellious weddings that you might know of? Please do share it with us at :)

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