The Rebellious Brides Series

The Rebellious Brides Series: Featuring Dr. Mabeth Rivera
Photo by Mark Cantalejo
In other countries, Boudoir sessions are popular for brides. What it is, is a more sensual and provocative shoot for the bride, which she gives to her groom before the wedding or you know, just to simply keep to remember those days when you still look damn hot. If you are not familiar with Boudoir, google it right now and click on images. Not for the faint of heart. 

This kind of shoot however, is not really very appropriate for our type of culture because we are a bit more shy or "pa-shy effect" haha. And we have the solution for this. Presenting, The Rebellious Brides Series--a new product brought to you by your friendly Rebellious Brides Kai & Mica.

What is "The Rebellious Brides Series"? -- we unleash the rebellious sides of the brides by creating a dedicated fashion shoot for you--so you can "practice" before your prenup and wedding, learn the poses that work for you, and to have this dedicated day for you when you can be your own groom's Next Top Mowdel. 

Rebellious Bride-in-the-making: 
Dr. Mabeth Rivera

Engaged to Atty. Karym Laidan, Mabeth is the poster-girl for the shy, feminine, intelligent woman and we were very eager to bring out a different side of her. Here's a glimpse of that photo shoot. Enjoy :)

The "Wholesome" and "Before" the Rebellious Side was Unleashed Pics

Presenting! Rebellious Bride Mabeth aka Next Top Mowdel

Gown by Sassa Jimenez
Read on to see how we transformed the "doktora!"

L-R: Gown by Sassa Jimenez / Gown by Mitzi Quelindrino-Bustos

Both Gowns by Sassa Jimenez

Gown by Mitzi Quelindrino-Bustos

On Location at Pontefino Batangas
Photograhy by Mark Cantalejo
Head Candies from Bonne by Bonsai Fojas
Gowns from Sassa Jimenez and Mitzi Quelindrino-Bustos
Makeup by The Makeup of Mica
Concept & Styling by The Rebellious Brides

So maybe you are thinking, great idea. But my stylists can do it too. What makes The Rebellious Brides Series different? Our service includes the following: Basically you just need to attend the shoot and bring your photographer with you. Everything else will be c/o us plus MORE. We won't stop with the shoot. We will give you styling, makeup, and wedding consultancy tips for your wedding--down to your wedding theme and ideas if you need it. 

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  1. This is an amazing project,all the best to Rebellious Brides Series! We'll pass this on to our friends:)

  2. simply amazing....i am lost for words...definitely will tell people about this.

  3. -via facebook-

    Mabeth Rivera ikaw na, doktora! Model na model!

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    Whoah! :D gunduh gunduuh!

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    wow... danda naman... The Magic of Mica.... sana ganyan din ako sa prenup ko...

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    Mabs, ure so pretty! U're going to be a pretty bride! Can't wait for April 19!

  7. MY baby sister is so pretty! We're looking forward to your romantic beach wedding!

  8. What a great way to start the year... Congratulations Rebellious Brides! :) Cheers to unleashing rebelliousness one bride at a time...

  9. Ang ganda naman! Cheers to an amazing team for capturing my little BIG sister's love story in a unique and creative way! Looking forward to the beach wedding!

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