Pinoy Pride Prenup

As much as there are so-called negatrons & negastars on the recent Dept. of Tourism launch, there are still more of us who are very proud of who we are and support the cause for our country's own good. So 'wag nang um-attitude, iwagayway ang watawat ng Pinoy Pride. 

On that note, let me proudly present a set that reeks of Pinoy-ness. I am awed at these highly stylized B&W photos that are good enough to be displayed at high-end Pinoy restaurants. Nothing I have ever seen in Wedding Gawker or GreenWedding Shoes where the usual cheesy, bright and sunny prenups are featured. I applaud the sleekness and creativity intricately woven like banig into this Neo-Filipino inspired prenup. Thanks to photographer Mitch Mauricio, of Theory of Bliss for sharing this with us.

Creative couple Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio spearhead the motion graphics studio Acid House Post.
All the photos were shot in B&W, adding drama and intensity.

Scapular Spectacular
 See the rest of the set here:

I'd like to include what Mitch sent us because, well, it makes us proud that more couples and suppliers are embracing both their roots and the rebellious way when it comes to weddings.

Hi Kai and Mica!

I'm Mitch Mauricio, a photographer and a reader of your rebellious website. ;) I just shot the engagement session of my friends, and thought you might be interested to feature it. The couple is Ivan Despi and Pauline Vicencio, they spearhead the superb motion graphics studio Acid House Post. Ivan and Pauline are innovators in their creative field so we conceptualized a highly personalized shoot for them. We played around the theme neo-Filipino; mixing traditional Filipiniana with the contemporary. Injecting inspiration from their fondness for great music, art, coffee, and food. We created an ode to the couple's deep appreciation for their Filipino roots and their modern day romance.

You can check out the photos at my blogsite: Their photos have never been featured anywhere else, we'd love Rebellious Bride to be the first. :)

Thanks so much, Kai and Mica! And more power to your rockin' website! :)
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Mitch! And for everyone else, if you've got something you'd like to share, just email us at :)

Yours in beauty and love,



  1. -via facebook-

    amazing amazing set! love her outfit! love the barong! love the scapular! :) we can do so many great interpretations of what it is to be pinoy! :)

  2. -via facebook-

    I absolutely loved this prenup. There are infinite ways to modernize the traditional Filipino look.

  3. holy carabao! very nice. Their wedding must have involved calling the anitos