Rebellious Brides Invade Bridetastic

Ex-Rebellious Brides, Rebellious Bride-to-Bes, and Future Rebellious Brides, we are now on Bridetastic. I am quite addicted to it right now and we encourage everyone to participate here as well because this is really all about Bride Empowerment! 

This awesome intuitive new tool, which I personally would like to call the Facebook-cum-Multiply-cum-TripAdvisor for Brides and Ex-Brides is just a wonderful idea which now gives each former bride the chance to share, tag, review, and showcase her wedding and give honest-to-goodness feedback on her wedding vendors.  Here you can reminisce, review, and contribute on all things wedding related in a more streamlined, visual, creative, and honest approach.

Add me up! :D

I've started adding photos of our weddings. The downside? It's quite tedious for me because I had a Bora Wedding, a Post-Wedding Party, then a Second wedding...phew! So many albums and vendor reviews to do! Not to mention, I have a THIRD wedding on the way! Hehe.

I love how in my profile, I am able to consolidate all my wedding stuff--now, every time I miss our weddings, I can just come here and look at my photos, videos, and reviews--plus, I get to contribute to the community a'la Twitter/Facebook! 

I love how my albums look--very Multiply-ish! 

I also love how the photo-sharing tool works. Once you've uploaded a photo, you can tag your vendors and write info about the photos. Then other brides can comment and ask questions! Take for example my "trash-the-dress" photo below, where I tagged Mango Red, Hindy Weber Tantoco, and The Makeup of Mica (Rebellious Bride Mica). Then, Bridetastic Bride Cathy Lao commented and asked a question below, and I replied. Like I said--very Facebook for Brides!

I also love that there's a simple video gallery where you can contribute. I put here our Jason Magbanua video and I was able to tag all our vendors. 

The cool part is, since Jason has a profile here, my video was instantly placed on his profile as well!

I was also impressed and felt "important" when once I've contributed my wedding photos, the site intuitively included my captions and photos in a looped gallery, beside the vendor rankings for everyone to see! 

The quote: "For Brides, By Brides" has been loosely and abusively used so many times before--but here, it really IS true--because you are empowered to create your own wedding stories and review your own experiences in your most authentic and genuine words--in the hopes that other brides may learn from you, and that wedding vendors can also learn a thing or two from the reviews. Here, your wedding planning skills from the "hey days" of your wedding will not be put to waste--instead, it will be immortalized and used by other brides like an archive/wedding library.

I was lucky to have worked with such awesome wedding visionaries. I am passionate about them and I advocate them to death. 9 out of the 11 vendors/services I have worked with, I have such high ratings for. In fact, I wanted to give a positive review on my bridal gown designer Hindy Weber Tantoco and my coordinator Amanda Tirol but they didn't have a profile in Bridetastic yet. But the site also works like Wikipedia! You can create a profile information for your vendors so I made one for them. And all my photos and videos that I tagged them on, will show in their respective profiles--and hopefully, future brides will find my contributions useful.

In my profile I've added a lot of my own personal wedding insights and experiences--so add me up!

Also, we will be scouting for new blog material in Bridetastic from now on. So go now and contribute! For instance, check out this awesome Save-the-Date video we discovered as contributed by Bride JJ-ORIG who created her own stop-motion video with her fiance. Super awesome!

Jop and Joyce - Save the Date - Ito ang ORIG! from jop orila on Vimeo.

Are you a former bride? Time to help empower future Rebellious Brides with your own blogs and reviews!

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