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Jeff and Ycoy by Passion Cooks
Wow. And I mean, WOW. In extra large font WOW. Looking at Passion Cooks' most unique works have made us realize just how spot on their name is. In truth, they are just in a different league of their own. You guys know how critical we are when it comes to including wedding visionaries as part of our Rebellious Bunch List--but we're just gonna go right ahead and put them on that list right here, right NOW. 

A 5-star review at Bridetastic

It doesn't really come out as a big surprise that Passion Cooks is the highest ranked catering vendor in Bridetastic. Their work doesn't just go over and beyond the food itself--their eye for detail is so impeccable and their design aesthetics are so perfectly in tune with the couple's ideas and venue. Simply put, their work is just so passionately moving. 

With no exaggeration, I am so amazed by their work that if I had a wedding now, I'd beg Bridetastic's Cathy Lao to give me their Passion Cooks discount from their The Best for Less promo! Haha. So if you are planning your wedding, gosh...make us proud and join Bridetastic's The Best for Less! All you have to do is answer how Passion Cooks can make your wedding much more special. While you are at it, make it a REBELLIOUS wedding idea because an artistic wedding visionary such as Passion Cooks would be just the kind of partner to really execute a rebellious wedding and make it so breathtakingly wicked! So log on to Bridetastic now make your entry as creative as you can make it to be! 

So without any further exaggeration from me, here are Passion Cooks' picks for their most unique works yet! Extra Tip: Click the names of the couples to see Passion Cooks' complete album!

Read on to find out Passion Cook's definition of the Rebellious Bridetastic Bride!

A Rebellious, Bridetastic bride is someone who isn’t afraid to take her ideas to a greater level! She is imaginative and is willing to try something unusual. She is one who doesn’t aim to please. She goes for the unconventional style not to capture attention, but because she is simply being true to herself. -- Passion Cooks

When it comes to wedding planning, Maja of Passion Cooks advices:  

Planning a wedding can be nerve wracking! I’ve been through it as I just got married a few days ago. Of course, it is essential to lift everything up to Jesus first. Ask for wisdom and guidance from Jesus to lead you the right suppliers. From there, everything will fall into place. Learn to trust your suppliers, and do not be shy to tell them how you want your wedding to be. It is also important not to cram. Given that almost everyone works in the corporate world, try to work on the tiniest detail of your wedding as early as possible. Time management is crucial. Enjoy every moment of your preparation! Cherish each moment as time flies! Lastly, remember that marriage is all about Jesus! Do not allow the devil to ruin your upcoming union. Keep praying and trusting Jesus. Do not entertain evil thoughts such as worrying. Remember that God is sovereign and is in control of all things. 

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  1. Which would you advise to book first, the reception venue or the caterer? TIA