All Set!

Leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and once we get to Vegas, we're off to the Clark County to get our marriage license, stop by the Viva Las Vegas Chapel to meet the coordinator, and then we're off to get married the next day.

Here are just some of the things I've packed for the trip/wedding :)

Cockade Paper Bouquet by {etc} Vatel

Philippine-Made Tobacco Giveaways (Tabacalera & Alhambra)

Rene Barbier Wines w/ Custom Labels

Iron Fist Skull Ruffrider Booties

Don't worry guys, we've got lots of features lined up while I'm gone



  1. Hi Kai! Have a fabulous time in Vegas! Congrats to you and Cy! :)

  2. hi Kai! I saw your blog from Dylan's post on FB, great great site!!! I love everything here! great job in inspiring brides like me! ;-)