Rebellious Bride Cathy's Rebellious Style

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Photos by The 12 Masters Photography
"My personality makes me a rebellious bride. I wanted our wedding to be an experience for us all. I wanted them to be comfortable. Not only was it obvious in the styling of the venue but also seen in my outfit. I was always worried of having sore feet and the uneasiness of wearing a gown so I told my designer that I wanted my gown to be elegant and modern but very very comfortable. And indeed, I felt like a model getting married. I don't like wearing panty hose so I wore striped knee-high socks and I also wore Chucks with wedge because I like to run and to dance."

Rebellious Bride Cathy Gonzales on what makes her a Rebellious Bride

The guys over at the 12 Masters Photography called this the "Funky Rebellious Wedding" and called the bride, The Rebellious Bride. And we couldn't help but gush at the thought that both catch phrases are becoming quite popular these days.  Cathy and Roy's wedding is easily labeled as rebellious with the black & white theme and the plethora of Chuck Taylors. But what makes this wedding distinctively rebellious is the styling. We are absolutely blown away by the bride's beetlejuice-inspired knee-high socks, the flapper head pieces, and the entourage ladies in their uber cool ensembles that are so refreshing to look at in the sea of templated looks that are usual of entourage get-ups.

Savor every photo and moment folks. We don't get very much rebellious wedding styling like this to go around.

Rebellious Brides: We are blown away by the styling for your bridal look and your entourage girls! Why did you decide to make it "rebellious" and how did you plan for it? Any credits for the styling of the outfits?

Cathy: My husband and I are non-conformists so we veered away from the traditional. We wanted our wedding to be an "experience" showing our personalities and the story of our great love for each other through our concept. Our outfits was in collaboration with my designer, Kaye Olfindo and ourselves.

RB: What were the challenges that you had to face since your wedding is non-traditional and how did you overcome these challenges?

Cathy: First among many others was the reaction of our parents. They were very surprised that we wanted our wedding in black and white. Second was the principal sponsors and the guests. Most of them were very surprised after asking them to wear Chucks on our wedding, which we've expected already. Next was producing the movies and finding the right venue stylist.

All these were challenges that spiced up our wedding preparations. These did not hinder us because our Principal Sponsors and our guests love us both. They might have gotten used to the idea or maybe their curiosity of its outcome might have inspired them but I believe most of them supported and cooperated with us because we were very dear to them. Women came in fabulous black or gray gowns and men were all dashing in black suit and tie with gray undershirt. Most of all, they came wearing their Chucks and sneakers.

RB: What advice can you give to other brides who may be having second thoughts about having a more non-traditional wedding style?

Cathy: Sometimes weddings are celebrated and forgotten after a few weeks. But your wedding is something that you and your husband should treasure forever. Following your heart and your ideas will make your day very very special for you both and your love ones because it becomes very personal. Everybody will come to witness your love story and not just your union. 

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