Kate Spade Mood Board #8

Kate Spade never ceases to surprise us with their unique spin on things and that's why their collections are so perfect for rebellious wedding ideas! Kate Spade proclaimed that 2012 is the Year of the Pattern and from January's Stripey look, we welcome February with a Spring Collection that introduces us to what Kate Spade calls, the Broadhurst Japanese Floral. The new collection speaks for itself, with Kate Spade's website giving us the story behind their inspiration so read on! :)

Why not purchase Kate Spade paper products with Broadhurst Japanese Floral designs as tokens for your principal sponsors? Instead of the usual bridal bag, how about carrying a  Broadhurst-printed medium suitcase to give your bridal look a vibe that your are off to an adventure? Buy your maid-of-honor a Kate Spade Broadhurst dress then have the rest of your bridesmaids wear colorblock dresses in combination of white, black, and pink. The ideas are so endless!  Visit the collection HERE.

Live Colorfully!
Kai :)


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