Rebellious Moulin Rouge Victoria Court Prenup

Photography by Oly Ruiz for MetroPhoto

The title of this entry alone doesn't really need any further explaining doesn't it? Rebellious Brides' most popular post of all-time is our Moulin Rouge Wedding Idea -- so we couldn't be more excited when we received this prenup from Rebellious Bride Lyanne which she and husband conceptualized in keeping with their hollywood-themed wedding. 

Throw in Victoria Court's Moulin Rouge themed suite (which btw is our dream Rebellious Brides launch party venue that Mica and I have been wanting so badly to mount) as the location shoot venue and we definitely have our rebellious seal of approval for this prenup session! With the venue being one of the country's famous (and infamous) motel chains, there's a fine line where the shoot could have gone totally wrong. But with the right team, a classy couple, and a photographer with an impeccable eye for taste to boot, the prenup session turned out beautiful and sophisticated to say the least.

So here goes!

The Bride as Satine 
the Smoldering Temptress

Photography: Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto
Makeup: Johanna Jacinto Ticzon
Hair: Donato D. Donato
Styling: Lyanne Peri Tamayo

Rebellious Brides: Who thought of your prenup and to have it in Victoria Court?

Lyanne: Both of us (Winchester and I), decided to have Victoria Court Moulin Rouge as the place for our Prenup/Engagement Session. This is exactly the replica of the Old Hollywood movie setting which we both fell in love with.

RB: Your venue (Victoria Court) is rebellious on its own! How did you go about it?

Lyanne: Excitement and suspense are essential elements of the movie. We engrossed ourselves as characters of the movie and the rebellious place contributed much to the success of our prenup/e-session.

The Sparkling Diamond of the Moulin Rouge...

RB: What makes you a Rebellious Bride?

Lyanne: I just wanted to have a wedding which is the product of my creativity, effort and can enkindle emotions of guests to witness something distinct from the conventional tradition without giving malice to it.

RB: Any advice you can give to other brides who may be having second thoughts about a rebellious prenup venue?

Lyanne: Have a strong will and determination. Most important of all is to have a clear conscience of doing it for the sake of having a distinct prenup/Engagement session. 

"You'll be bad for business, I can tell" -- Satine

Lyanne and Winchester also executed an Alice and Wonderland prenup session in keeping with their Old Hollywood theme. And although this concept has already  been done several times over, the way theirs was executed still had a distinct and unique flavor to it. So we'll blog about that separately :)

Clap clap clap for this Moulin Rouge prenup session! Do you guys know of any couple who actually executed a Moulin Rouge wedding (locally)? Let us know! 

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