An Ode to Being Special

children of the revolution

Some say that your wedding is your ONE day to be special. You only get one day. Just one day. So they say get a grip of yourself because it's back to the real world the next day and you are not suppose to act like a bride anymore. 

Sure, you were probably extra special on your big day, but it doesn't mean you are no longer special. Each and every person is special whichever day it is, and you deserve to live happily ever after even under harsh circumstances. 

I look at my former bride friends pursuing their dreams, honeymooning with their husbands every year, basking in motherhood and I think they are all pretty damn special in their own choices and in their own right. You don't just get one day. You deserve to be happy every single day. The wedding, and the wedding planning is just your test. The next day, you are planning an adventure to be a wife, running your own household, researching on parenting skills, creating your baby's first birthday, planning for your first anniversary, getting everyone in the group to bond and hang-out, developing meal plans and perfecting your first signature dish. So bask in your own light. Yes, your wedding day is a day to savor, but there are more special days to come, and it doesn't mean you no longer deserve to feel special. 

Read on!

find your own rules

pursue freedom, beauty, truth, and love

apply your creativity in your household

not a diva, just not taking bull shit

invent new holidays

be silly

ward off evil/negativity

laugh at your miestakes

"look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything that you do" -- yellow, coldplay

Photography by Mark Cantalejo / Makeup by The Makeup of Mica / Head Candies by Bonsai Fojas / Actual Bridal Gowns by Hindy Weber Tantoco (RB Kai) and Sassa Jimenez (RB Mica) / On Location at Pontefino
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  1. This is such an interesting story at it gives in-depth information to the reader as well. Good thing you have it shared.

  2. "You don't just get one day. You deserve to be happy every single day." I like this RB. So true! Interesting read

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    finally posted! goddess kung goddess! lovely set RBs! :)

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    i am special :)

  5. Rebellious Bride MicaFebruary 7, 2012 at 7:43 PM

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    Children of the corn...este, revolution. Here is our ode to a revolution in weddings. Because being rebellious isn't about being evil or materialistic, it's about making a difference.

  6. what an inspiring article, great photos too!

  7. "You don't just get one day. You deserve to be happy every single day."

    thanks for sharing!
    my all time fave site..even am married already :) i still can't stop checking. and will never stop haha
    hope i get to share some of our wedding DIYs too :)