Rebellious Bride Coie's Lady Gaga 3D Wedding

Photo screen shot captured from Mark Cantalejo
Photos submitted by the bride

My head is playing Bad Romance as I write this piece--can't help it! A couple of months ago, we've been sprinkling a few little mentions and some photos of the Lady Gaga Wedding, spread out in different blog features but never a dedicated post on the wedding itself...'till now. 

This wedding is the perfect example of how the bride was still able to bring out a rebellious side of her even if she had to compromise along the way. In fact, this was already a "tamed" version of her Lady Gaga wedding due to strict church rules and in consideration of the oldies.

Interspersed with the photos, is the email we received from Rebellious Bride Coie, aka the Gaga Bride, herself. Read on to know more about her own thoughts on the wedding and watch the wedding video at the end. 

Rebellious Bride Coie: I'm not really a writer/blogger so I'm just sharing with you our one of a kind wedding last August (2011). We are a couple from Dubai and I married an Indonesian. We decided to have our wedding in Cebu City and finally Jakarta invaded Cebu last August. It was supposedly a Lady Gaga inspired wedding but was toned down due to the oldies and traditional peeps. We had our church wedding in a Cathedral so there were lots of do's and dont's...

In reference to some of her most unique ideas, Rebellious Bride Coie recalls:

It was the first 3D photo montage with 3D shades provided, detailing of the head dress for the bridesmaids from SEPA (Cebu), flowerless bouquet, black/silver/white cake by Got Cake. The church and reception (Shangri-La Mactan) were accented with black feathers,disco balls,crystals etc. The gown itself was LAdy G inspired by my good friend and college classmate, Lord Maturan.

Our dream wedding did come true with the help of our wedding coordinator Tisha, of Bliss Unlimited and all our other local suppliers. Enjoy the Snaps! -- Rebellious Bride Coie

Handpicked by photographer Mark Cantalejo as his most Rebellious wedding of 2011, Mark writes in his blog: 

The most modern and couture driven wedding that I’ve shot to date has got to be Novi & Coie’s wedding! 

Look at all the details (from the crystal and wire bouquet, the super fabulous wedding gown; reminiscent of something what Lady Gaga might wear in one of her music videos, to the different gem encrusted headpieces of the bridesmaids) and you’ll see just how unique everything was! Enjoy! 

See more of Mark's photos by clicking the photo below, or just by clicking HERE.

Rebellious Bride Coie prides herself for conceptualizing everything about her wedding from creating her mood board to the design of their poster invitations. What do you love most about this wedding? I love the idea of mashing-up the classic with the rebellious---the color scheme itself was very minimalist in nature (predominantly white, gray, silver, black) but the execution was very theatrical as Lady Gaga. Props to the creativity of the bride indeed! 

The wedding video made by videographer Franz Arrogante gives us a proof that amidst all the jaw-dropping details, you see a love of two people shining through. Check out the video below--my favorite part is when the groom gets so excited that he even walks down the aisle to meet the bride--it was as if he was so moved that he couldn't wait any longer! A living proof that creative weddings don't necessarily mean losing sight of the essential components of the wedding--only that creative weddings simply reflect the personality of the couple who wants to profess their awesome love, their own way.

from Franz Arrogante on Vimeo.

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