Personal Vows

As I write this blog post, exactly a year ago, I was getting ready to walk down the aisle....

Photo by Darien O'Dell

In a recent "haters-comments-frenzy", some readers have actually judged me and Mica by saying that we have married for the wrong reasons--that we have made weddings into a fashion show/carnival and that we didn't marry in the eyes of god, family, and friends.

On the contrary though, the wedding theme is just icing on the cake. What judgmental people fail to realize is that the wedding's most important element is the ceremony itself and that obviously it is not captured in photos and videos that's why it doesn't seem to shine through. In our case, the personal vows was one of the most significant parts of our wedding. Before writing mine, I didn't research or anything like that. But boy was I prepared. I had tried to write, re-write, and practice it in my head over and over again, before going to sleep, for 12 months.

The first draft of my vows were eight pages long and it was a little too serious and heavy. I realized this wasn't really reflective of us as a couple. So a revised it to make it more lighthearted, witty, and unique in my own little way. Another reason why I made my vows "light" was because I didn't want to cry at all. I am the type of person who, if I start to cry, I wouldn't be able to finish my sentences, so I really had to make sure I didn't cry (even if it meant that I had to bite my tongue).

A lot of guests said they liked Cy's vows more than mine, because Cy's vows made them cry. I wasn't going for a cry-fest though. I was going for making everyone feel happy =)

I'd like to share my personal vows here. To remind me of this beautiful, beautiful moment and to pay tribute to our anniversary. And as I write the vows, I don't have a copy with me. I've known it by heart since 2010 =)

Here goes...

Cy, I've divided my vows into 3 parts.

First part is what I call: 

The first time we met, I was so confused.
I didn't know if we were friends, or if we were dating.
I was SO confused that I even went to a fortune teller, "Madame Shakey's"
She didn't know me, I didn't tell her why I was there.
But for some reason, she said that out of all the guys that I have met, she liked "M C C" the most.

"M C C" was "matangkad at mabilog ang katawan"
Then Madame Shakey's pointed to a guy in Shakey's and said: "Ayan O, ganyan ang buhok niya"

And I got so freaked out because the guy had the same hairstyle as yours.
I like him out of all the guys because he is the kindest.
And don't worry. "Tahimik lang yun pero tingin ng tingin sayo"
Finally Madame Shakey's said, I can see some sort of document. A document that could be marriage. 

And she said that if any of her predictions ever came true, that I should go tell her all about it.

Was it fate? Was it destiny? Did you actually pay her to say those things?
Or was it the Universe telling me, it was time to meet you?
All I know is, just for fun, maybe I should look for Madame Shakey's and introduce to her 
"M C C".


Please note, that I cannot always cook for you because I love it when you ALSO cook for me.
Please note, that I cannot fix your tie or iron your clothes because you already do that so well.
Please also note, that I am NOT at all a conventional wife--so if that's what you want, you can still think about this for 2 seconds--okay your 2 seconds is up.

But what I DO promise, is to be the kind of wife who will painfully walk from Greenbelt 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on a hot summers day, just to count each and every customer dining in your competitors' restaurants and I will even put it in an excel sheet and a powerpoint and present it to you---not because you asked me to, but because I voluntarily want to do it for you.

I also promise to be the kind of wife who will painfully brainstorm with you even if that's the last thing I want to do after work, because my job already requires me to brainstorm day in and day out.

I also promise to be the kind of wife, who will be patient with you, understand you, always be by your side, support you, and appreciate the littlest things to the biggest of things that you do for me.

Lastly, please note that I cannot be Taylor's mom. Because even if I want to be, I'm simply not her mom. What I DO promise, is to be the kind of wife who will respect and celebrate your relationship with her, love her as my own, and that she can always run to me when she needs me, and I will hug her, make her feel safe--the same way I feel when you hug me.

Part 3 is what I call ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

Thank you Cy, for always being there, and for SAVING ME. You know what I mean by that.
Thank you Cy, for protecting me and making me feel safe, and inspiring me to be more positive. 

Thank you Cy, for fulfilling my dream of having a Boracay wedding--which I have been visualizing and dreaming of for eight years, and I am so happy I finally found the right guy to fulfill it with.

I truly believe, that even if this is not a Church wedding, God will bless two people, regardless of where they are married, because we are genuinely in love and faithful to each other,

I love you, and I can't wait to FINALLY, and officially, become Mrs. Cyrus Cruz ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Photo by Mango Red
I wish I can put here Cy's vows too. But he naturally winged it, as we planned. Because he is so good at spontaneous speeches. But maybe some other time we can try to piece it together :)

I am feeling very sentimental today. 

Maybe you are wondering how we are celebrating the anniversary since we are pretty used to outdoing each other w/ our own surprises. But today we are saving the celebrations for our upcoming, long-overdue honeymoon trip and third wedding :)

In the meantime, I just celebrated our anniversary simply by watching our wedding video and tweeting sentimental tweets. Recently, I found out that my husband watches our wedding video EVERY DAY. And I think that's the sweetest thing ever. 

I am proud to say that just like our relationship as bf/gf, our marriage has been pure bliss. Some have tried to pull us down by saying that we are just in a honeymoon stage. But people have been telling us that since 2008 when we were still bf/gf--and 4 years down the road, husband/wife and we are still eternally in a honeymoon stage--our relationship stronger than ever ;)



  1. I love you Kai. Happy Anniversary. =)

  2. Don't listen to the idiots out there - you know the meaning and significance behind your wedding and that's all that matters. Happy Anniversary!