Poptastic Bride Features the Rebellious Brides!

We apologize if we are once again interrupting your regular dose of rebellious goodness to announce another feature that Rebellious Bride Mica and I have gotten. We are sure that you are probably so very sick of our weddings but this feature is just so totally awesome not to share! 

We are on US-Based Blog, Poptastic Bride!!!
*click the pics below to read the features :)

Poptastic Bride is actually the brainchild of Pinay Poptastic Bride Cynthia. I adore her because the way that she has been able to cross over to the US market by creating a creative-friendly wedsite, by developing unique wedding-related products, and getting International advertisers to sponsor her site are just so beyond our wildest dreams. She is an inspiration for a start-up blog such us ours! All hail to Cynthia! Read on below to know more about Poptastic Bride!

Poptastic Bride usually features weddings, ideas, blogs, and engagements from the States--but Rebellious Brides, and our own weddings have gotten features in her blog because she wanted to show her readers that the Philippines is also home to creative weddings and photographers. Poptastic Bride also has a whole range of products! From invites, to binders, to bridal tees, to printable DIY freebies, oh her site is just an amazing resource! 

As usual, please be a doll and read our features. I bugged Mango Red to give me copies of our post-processed wedding photos just so her feature on the Bora Hop would be fresh! 

 Thank you so much to Cynthia for the support and we are fans! This is me bowing to you now ;)

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  1. Big fan ako ng Rebellious Brides, I love what you girls are doing so featuring you girls was my pleasure. Thank you so much for this lovely mention, Kai! Best of luck to you Cy and kina Mykes and Marc :D ~ Cynthia