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I've attended a lot of weddings since I was a little girl. From flower girl->bridesmaid->maid of honor :P and one of my hobbies is "people watching" and you can see from their facial reactions and gestures that some are happy, bored, sleepy etc. That's why I told myself that I wanted my wedding to be the reflection of US. So we incorporated most of the things that WE (includes our family,relatives and friends) all enjoy so everybody will be happy and enthusiastic. We wanted our guests to be comfortable and feel at home. Para lang kaming nasa isang malaking inuman!

Rebellious Bride Ash Baun - Zafranco on her Pinoy Pop Happy Fiesta Wedding 

Goodness gracious where to even begin with this rebellious wedding?!?! From this Rebellious Bride's name, to her anti-white gown, to walking down the aisle with a 7-year old teddy bear, and defying the conventional principal sponsors by actually choosing their own contemporaries aged 20-30 as their ninongs and ninangs, this wedding was just definitely rebellious!

Lot's of things to share about this happy rebellious wedding so let's start! 

Hello!! My name is Ash and I'm a fan of your blog! I got married last Oct. 15, 2011. I'm currently working as Cabin crew in one of the Middle Eastern Airlines. Because of my schedule I arrived in Manila 3 days before my wedding :P I'm proud to say that during my wedding preps I was called a BRIDECHILLA! I was never intimidated by anyone!  I just wanna share "our swabe wedding".

Ash enumerates some of their creative ideas: 

Ash: We served Isaw and our Favorite Chichirya when we were kids. Guests our age can truly relate with us. We also asked everyone to wear shoes that they were comfortable in. 

Chocolate Cake - Everybody loves chocolate! (no offense but I get bored seeing a fondant cake) We also chose to have a kinky topper (it's nice to be naughty sometimes).

Fiesta - I love going to Fiestas! I asked our caterer (Passion Cooks) to put some banderitas in the reception to make the ambience like in a real fiesta ;p

Bingo - To give a little fun to our guests we played Bingo :) They had to get the Z (My new last name starts with a letter Z ) pattern for the second prize which was a Nokia phone and get a block-out for the first prize - which was a Samsung Digital camera (One of our pastime is to play Bingo while my husband's a gadget freak so we combined both ) 

My Teddi - He's a famous jet-setter everybody in our wedding knows him. I walked down the aisle with my Teddi. He was my husband's first Christmas gift to me. Teddi's 7 years old and he's been my travel buddy since Nano can't accompany me on my flights. Why not include him in the entourage since he's part of our relationship for the past 7 years :P

Additional note from RB: Other creative details that we think are noteworthy are the lambanog gifts to the very young principal sponsors, the beautiful and laid back flower arrangements, and the bride's anti-white gown. 

RB: Since there were a lot of "non-traditional" aspects of your wedding, what were the challenges that you had to face while planning and how did you overcome it?

Ash: Since I'm an overseas bride we had difficulty with my schedule. I had to answer and instruct our wedding coordinator on the things that we wanted for our big day via sms and email. I made sure that even the smallest details were properly executed. Very minimal challenges- like for the invitation (it's my hubby's diy) since it's his own template he had a hard time looking for someone to print it out because the template that he made wasn't the standard one. 

We've also experienced being rejected by some suppliers because they can't provide what we needed so we had to look for another one who can gamble with us :) and I'm lucky enough to find suppliers who are up to the challenge :P We've got different reactions from the people around us. People our age loved the idea but some oldies didn't like it or gave us "the look" haha. But I don't care. At the end of the day what matters is US. And we are so thankful and fortunate with all our suppliers because they loved our concept and helped us to pull it off :) 

RB: What makes you a "rebellious bride"?

Ash: I do whatever my heart desires and I never regret doing it. If I Fail I learn. If I succeed. I win. It's a win-win situation actually--either way I'll gain something from it. 

RB: What can you advice to brides who may be having second thoughts about planning a "creative" wedding? 

Ash: Just follow your heart. Fight for what you want. I don't accept NO as an answer. We should always have a Can DO Attitude! I don't give-in easily. I always find a way to get what I want (but of course in a good way, As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else) :P

We end this feature with Ash' final words when she emailed us....we feel so very proud! 

"Thank you for being an inspiration. Most of the brides now are empowered! I'm the Captain of my own Ship! I'm the boss of my own wedding! Screw the bride bullies! Thanks Rebellious Brides!-- Rebellious Bride Ash

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